We continue to improve our converter tools in today’s Opera 48 developer update. We already introduced 14 different unit converters for you last time.

Today we’re changing how converters are triggered. You don’t need to precisely select the value to convert; Opera is more flexible in locating units of measurements within a highlighted text.

Today’s build also comes with stability fixes, visual improvements and new functionalities. You might notice some of these changes:

  • Opera was crashing after loading all tabs from a folder on the bookmarks bar
  • [Mac] The ad blocker doesn’t cover very long web addresses anymore
  • [Win] Opera can now import user content from Edge
  • [Win] Updated plus icon in toolbar
  • [Win] Opera was crashing when a bookmark was deleted using the keyboard
  • [Win7][HiDPI] Thin Aero stripe above sidebar is not visible on the title bar anymore
  • [Linux] Warning dialogs became native ones
  • Chromium updated to 61.0.3128.0

Known issues:

  • DNA-62304 – [Mac] Left mouse click does not work on tab of certain width
  • DNA-62305: Crash when loading prerendered page after visiting opera:settings
    • Workaround: Disable ‘Predict network actions to improve page load performance’

Check the changelog for the full report.

Installation links:

Maciej Kocemba

Product Manager, Opera for computers. Previously Product Manager in R&D department and Opera Mini for iOS. Joined Opera over 11 years ago. Still passionate about coding, mountain / road biking when not working.

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  • Ralf Brinkmann


  • Matheus Bombonato

    Still crashing on paste long texts on Google Translate.

    • Ewa

      Thanks, this is already on our waiting list

  • Nekomajin43

    New functionalities, in plural?

  • Eugene B.

    This build looks great, thank you! 🙂

  • PakSae
  • This is lovely, but I wish the popup position upon selection was selectable; most extensions want to show their own popup above the selected text, and thus this functionality breaks theirs…

  • x a

    Mixed content warning looks strange (cut-off or tiny text): test page. [Win10/64bit]

    • Ewa

      Thank you, we reported it.

  • Can’t use any of my extensions any more, all is just fucked up after this update. opera crashing all the time, when restarted it has deactivating and resets all my extensions! And one more thing, opera is freezing my computer every day, even more frequent after the last update.

    • Ricardo Franzen

      Same problem with extensions…

      • Kornelia

        And what’s your operating system @rfranzen:disqus ?

        • Ricardo Franzen

          OS: Ubuntu 17.04 x64
          Lang: en_US

    • Kornelia

      What’s your operating system and country you’re in? I’ll try to find this crash.

      • Ricardo Franzen

        OS: Ubuntu 17.04
        Lang: en_US
        The problem occurs more frequently when the lastpass extension is enabled. Sites like Google Drive and Digg Reader generate the crash.

        Thank you.

    • Marek

      All my extension settings have been cleared, I set them up from the start, then BAM, reset again.

    • ZeeWolf

      Same problem, Win7 x64

  • Alexs

    3 bugs (2 new)
    white background title when hover menu in sidebar (new Opera profile without composition manager)
    black border on extension pop ups (same on Download popup from Opera)
    very small pop up on translator extension

    OS: Siduction 64bit with xfce

    Please read my posting in forum

    • Ewa

      It’s already waiting for fixing, thanks

  • Alexander Chernig0v

    In the version of Opera 48 (there are no such problems until only version 44 inclusive), the problem when opening the browser for a fraction of seconds is displayed by the theme of Windows (who has a light then just a transparent screen for a fraction of a second), lags on flash games and YouTube, when scrolling there is no smoothness. WIN 7 x64)

    • Ewa

      Hi, this bug is in our waiting list. Stay tuned.

  • Alexander Chernig0v

    Пидарасы ебаные исправте нормальную загрузку браузера в вин 7!Сука в хроме и других браузерах на движке хрома всё идеально работает,а у Вас рукожовов ссаных сплошные баги!

  • Nekomajin43

    Submenus are still mispositioned horizontally on Win7. They open 10-20 pixels left to their optimal position.

    • Ewa

      Hi, it’s already reported and waiting for fixing.

  • Arturo Martínez

    More currencies options please…
    thank you.

  • Marko Koivuniemi

    I would love to have “drag lock” to tabs because I too often accidenetally drag tabs to new windows and it’s annoying. It would be sufficien to have menu option to detach tab from window.

  • Nekomajin43

    Guys, I’d like to ask you to fill a survey to somehow quantify the feature requests: https://goo.gl/forms/RtwV9af9Ot3I7waB2

    We have passed 160 answers. Some features are already being developed from the list.

    I know it’s not representative, but it may help to show the trends and the top most wanted features. We’ve got some positive words from the devs, no promises though.

    If you find anything missing from the list, please comment here or in the forum: https://forums.opera.com/discussion/1883544/opera-browser-feature-survey

    • SebBot

      Thanks for the link, Nekomajin.

      Feel somewhat optimistic knowing that most users, including myself, consider tab-stacking a must have feature. Hope the devs finally come out of denial mode.

      • Bartek Burkowicz


    • Rudric

      I can’t open these links due to uMatrix blocking them. i had to pen a ton of unreliable connections just for Disqus to work, and now the links.. 😐

  • Beedjees Thefirst

    Somes parts of the UI are still in light theme, even dark theme is activated : menu, history, bookmark…

  • Jodles

    I’m having webpages going instantly white as soon as they finish loading… This happens almost for every page 🙁

    • patkoscsaba

      I have got it as well a few times. A restart of the browser fixed it … for now. Mac OS.

      • Kornelia

        This version has some issues :/ It happens on developer stream. I’m also having troubles on my Macbook machine. Sorry for inconvenience. Next update will fix it!

        • M92

          The next dev update will be on the next week or it could be a quick fix por some crashes?

  • Rudric

    Some feature suggestions:

    – Warn before closing browser (to prevent accidental closing)

    – Vertical bookmarks bar (!)

    – Tab grouping/stacking (I reckon this might not be coming anytime soon..)

    And could we get some kind of unification of the two sidebars? At least it visually seems that there’s two sidebars.. The old sidebar should have pin button as well.

  • Sascha

    This release is very unstable for me and crashes frequently on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS. Disabling the extensions didn’t change anything.

    • Spiryts

      Same on win 7 x64, random crashes when open a few tabs.

      • M92

        Same on win 10 x64, crashes a lot

  • patkoscsaba

    Any chance we could get a quick fix for DNA-62304 ? Clicking pinned tabs is very difficult now on MacoOS

    • Kornelia

      Fixed yesterday 🙂 Will be available as soon as next dev update.

      • Rudric

        Could the pinned tab be a tad bit wider?

  • Ariane Lu

    Extension icon still blur on Windows with Hi-DPI monitor

  • Игорь Князев

    “Page can not be loaded” everytime until manually update page… but crashes are rare.

  • Nikolai Vassiliev

    Thanks, font glitches are gone.

    How i can install previous build with option-less new installer?

  • Nataly

    I use Opera with vpn and have problem with download file more than 50MB…. how I can to fix this problem??? I need to download some huge file!!! Please help))))
    May be Opera need more powerfull manager of download file which will be correctly work with vpn?

    • Happens on stable 46 also – thought it was just me?

      • Nataly

        Some updates early i hadn’t this problem((( I got it after updates(((

  • erhan kultur

    1-The size of the downloadable file can be previewed as information
    2-Download resumable between sessions
    3-Video downloader
    4- Download Torrent

  • Luis Doser

    I can’t uninstall it, so…???

  • loligans

    Could MacOS have a feature were if we force press/touch a hyperlink it loads and displays a preview of the hyperlink?

  • ͕͗F͕͕͗͗i͕͕͗͗n͕͕͗͗d͕͕͗͗u͕͕͗͗s͕͗

    Browser crashes on german steampunk shop: https://www.steampunk.de/

    Edit: It crashes only if you click on that link in google search. Don’t know why.

  • This build crashes like crazy for me

  • PakSae
  • PakSae
  • Łukasz Grzesik

    Playing multimedia on soundcloud, twitter, instaudio not working. I’m using Ubuntu 17.04, 64-bit version. Opera version 48.0.2643.0, it’s constantly repeating issue. If chromium-codec-ffmpeg-extra have exactly same version as Opera have, literally same version, then those pages works correctly.

  • Nikolai Vassiliev

    Now it crashes (Page crashed) even with opera:settings and opera:about!

    • mb

      I’m getting “page crashed” on almost every start up and every few opening tabs

      • Nikolai Vassiliev

        Same. Cleaned-up, rebooted and re-installed. Loose my session with TONS of important tabs.

        • Sorry for that. Try disabling: ‘Predict network actions to improve page load performance’ (Settings -> Privacy and security -> Privacy).

          • filbo

            I just upgraded Opera (and everything on my system) for the first time in weeks. opera-developer went from 46 to 48. On first run it crashed and deleted ~/.config/opera-developer/*Session* — Last Session as well as Current.

            Crashing is a bug; that’s fine, forgiveable.

            Trashing the session files is a much worse bug. You *know* you’re going to have bugs. User’s current sessions are precious data. We judge entire browser families by how well they treat this one piece of precious data. You MUST preserve them better. Don’t overwrite, make a new copy. When crashing, pay careful attention to which copy is the one that existed before the session started; save it aside ON PURPOSE in a new time-of-crash-specific name so the user has a basis from which to recover. You can clean those up later so it doesn’t turn into a giant pile of garbage, but they need to firmly exist right after a crash.

            After discovering my session was trashed, I ran opera-developer again and it crashed exactly the same. This is with 48.0.2652.0 (previous happily running version was 46.0.2590.0).

            So, I tried opera-beta (47.0.2631.23) and it was fine; though of course my session was empty. Then I came to read changelogs and comments. Finding this advice, I disabled ‘Predict network actions’, exited opera-beta, brought up opera-developer, and it didn’t crash. So yay, but my session is still trashed.

            Ubuntu 16.04.2, kernel 4.4.0-85-generic, x86_64.

            My ~/.config/opera, opera-beta, opera-developer are all symlinked to the same directory so that I can switch back and forth while retaining the same session, settings etc. (obviously only one can be running at once).

          • filbo


            (1) the same ‘Predict network actions’ bug crashed me

  • led9ru

    Bad quality of the sign in the checkbox, occurs everywhere, even in the extension settings – in the violentmonkey settings =
    in ext = http://i95.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0709/92/78a98a0ce5016103580e2156b774b992.jpg
    in site = http://i92.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0709/7d/f563df5b34642f7e24d9ec111bac587d.jpg

  • _artem_

    good job opera. opera got so “better” since china bought it…

    retarded crashes on this build. randomly. mostly when you have a page opened in tab. and you type another url and boom opera just restarts.. and now was the best part of it… it just crashed. AND KILLED ALL MY OPENED TABS. well done opera. well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. i had absolutely NO crashes over 2 years. and now it happens every day, many times a day.
    it also changes background image on speed-dial page after a crash. i’m giving you standing ovations. applause. bravo

    p.p.s it’s not a page crash.. it’s a complete browser crash and immediate auto restarting of it

    • Try disabling: ‘Predict network actions to improve page load performance’ (Settings -> Privacy and security -> Privacy).

      • _artem_

        crashes seam to be gone.. but it still changes my wallpaper to default one on speed-dials

      • SSRREEDD

        Due to the issues with electricity supply to my PC and a restart Opera 46’s session file got corrupt so I have no my session any more. When I try to overwrite “Current Session” file with “Last Session” (923 KB) it reverts to back to blank session as it looks like the session was corrupted.
        Is there even earlier session file somewhere? Why Opera wipes out previous working session file, instead of saving it, with a newer corrupt session file? How do I recover my tabs now? Is there an utility that is a session file database integrity checker that could somehow recover my session?

        Thanks in advance.

      • SSRREEDD

        Also, my history file is 15 MB, but I only see visited links up to few months back, it does not allow me go further. In the old Opera I had a setting that said that the browser should keep 50 000 visits in its database, but what about the new Opera? I do not see it in the settings even if I turn on “show additional settings” flag. How can I get access to my full browsing history?

  • Paul S. Strauss

    I’m having two major problems with this release on Ubuntu 17.04: (1) It claims that I have no saved passwords, although sync says I have a bunch stored in the cloud. I tried logging out of sync to see if that helped (a, but (2) It does not let me log out of sync, as clicking the “Sign out” button has no effect.

    • Paul S. Strauss

      Update: I was able to sign out of sync via the settings UI. (I had been using the Opera/Synchronize… way before, which doesn’t work.) But my passwords are still not showing up.

    • Paul S. Strauss

      The log-out-of-sync problem is fixed in 48.0.2652.0, but it still says I have no passwords saved. 🙁

  • Andrey
  • Nils Sens

    where’s the VPN in Dev 48? I’m on a Win 10 Surface Pro 4 in the Philippines. Is it disabled here or why can’t I even see the option under settings?