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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Radek, thanks for the update, and stability bug fixes 😉

  • Кostadin
  • Utkarsh Sharma

    1. when over text, mouse blinking between between cursor and arrow.

    2. reload button blinking to cross (after page has loaded)
    3. page icon in tab also blinking.

    sometimes, not always though…

  • Network Installer bug is that it should not force quit the Dock (not sure if the force quit also causes the background to be black for a few seconds) as that forces all windows back to non minimized state (it maximizes all windows of all open apps). I was trying the network installer instead of the auto update

    OS X 10.10.2

    • It does this to inject Opera into the Dock, if you have Opera set to be the default browser, which is an option in the installer. Uncheck this option from the installer and your Dock won’t be restarted.

      Edit: Ok, seems my memory is wrong. Opera is always injected into the Dock if the network installer is used, causing it to restart.

      Apple have not provided a better way to auto inject and we think people will expect us to put Opera on the Dock, if they are using an “Installer”.

      P.S. If you want the .dmg package instead use this link. You’ll use slightly more data to download (as we cannot use the same compression techniques on .dmg files) but it won’t cause your Dock to restart as you do everything manually.

      • I did not set the beta to be the default browser (I had the older build installed and set to not in the dock) (I have the stable Opera as the default and it is in the dock (been there since version 9.2x))

        I think some other apps ask on first launch (others just set it then) if the users wants the app in the dock, I would guess they use the dock settings (that show on right click of the app in the dock)

  • 7thGear

    The 28 beta (28.0.1750.21) runs much much better than the 27 stable.


  • Robert

    when the fix express panel?

  • Hey guys, starting from Opera Beta 28, the same problem just like DNA-18521 (Unable to type Chinese at address field containing a visited URL) appears again. I tried to turn off the flag#Experimental-address-bar then it’s fine. Please solve it for that’s annoying. Thanks!

    • rrzepecki

      Hey, we will investigate this again. Thanks for spotting this.

  • When will it become stable?

    • They took like forever with no fixed schedule to released a new version…

  • Bob Tarling

    The “Camera Roll” feature at Flickr is now broken – it constantly reloads. It was fine on the previous release of Opera Beta 28…

  • sgrandin

    Updating Speed Dial problem: At least from Opera 12, import works fine the first time, but for updating after that, it simply adds a whole new set to the existing one. I assume that would be the case for all browsers. With Opera 12 and earlier, there was a speeddial.ini file that could be replaced. Be nice if there was a way to update with the new version.

  • Goran

    Feature request:

    Let us change site image at speed dial!

  • Sidney Moraes

    Update the Opera beta page, show the new features of it with more information!

  • Opera seriously has major page compatibility issues since version 23. I’m so tired of this. Some page on some websites are not displayed properly….

  • Davey126

    Curious if there has been consideration to permitting print options to be permanently set either by a routine setting or via flag(s). I always print two sided with no headers, neither of which is the default in Opera (understandable). It is very frustrating having to reset my preferences on each…and…every…printout.

    • sgrandin

      It is also frustrating not to be able to scale and keep that setting until changed.

  • BUG on Windows 7 x64:

    Daily autoupdate creates subfolder Opera Autoupdate in user’s Windows downloadfolder instead of %TEMP%!

  • Djora

    Fonts or encoding are totally fucked up. I see crosses on some pages instead of blank space between words and on some pages I’m getting like swedish/norvegian/german letters instead of Central Europeans.

  • Dick Richardson

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  • Jerry Babione

    Hey folks… All I can get to for Linux i386 based computers is 12.16… If it’s out there to be hadI’d be glad to use it…

  • Dick Richardson

    gods son christ jesus died on the cross for our sins so that by believing in him we can have life…belief in christ jesus comes from the father through the hearing of his words them that are in the bible

  • L33t4opera

    New Opera beta 28.0.1750.36, the change log, and the announcement 😉

  • qasemm

    “For a better experience, please download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.”
    this message from and i can’t upload files?

  • EQ

    Big bug : Quicklaunch icons are all removed when I start Opera 28 !