We are updating Opera beta to version 25.0.1614.35. We’ve implemented a couple of bug fixes and new Chromium (38.0.2125.101).

Some messages which were cut off in Mac network installer for some languages are now displayed properly. In addition, a couple of issues related to playing videos on Mac have been fixed.

We’ve also resolved performance problems which appeared when there were a lot of bookmarks created in Opera or imported from older version.

The full list of fixes is available in changelog.


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  • nanana1

    Although not final yet, thanks, Wojciech Kostoglu, for another Opera beta update !

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Wojciech, thanks for the info, bugs fixes, and for Chr@38.0.2125.101 😉

    • Marcin Mitek


      • L33t4opera

        Thanks Marcin 😉

      • L33t4opera

        Thanks Marcin 😉

  • After installing it over the previous beta version using the Offline Windows Installer (I have problems with autoupdate behind a proxy) it duplicated the “default” folders in Bookmarks: “Reading list”, “Videos”, “Shopping”, “Travel”. Well, it created new default folders 🙂

    Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

  • BS-Harou

    This was probably already answered, but since I’m too lazy to search through the old comments I’all ask anyway. is the “Tab Cycling” flag coming to mac? I would really really appreciate it!

    • It actually already exists, if you know how to access it. 😉

      • BS-Harou

        I thought this might be possible. Since it actually works, why not just enable the flag in opera:flags?

        • It didn’t used to work but following changes we made for tab preview it does. And yes, I should open a bug to make the flag accessible via the flags ui on Mac.

          In the mean time you can be one of the only people on a Mac who can use this form of tab cycling. 😉

          • BS-Harou

            Alrighty then 🙂 Thank you for the link!

          • Logged as DNA-27942

  • Izer0

    There is an problem with Opera … from version 24 processes is not closed when I close tab, so I have thousand opera.exe processes running in background, worst! Absolutely worst. When I reading an news site with lot of pages opened hourly, daily, there is thousand opera.exe in memory and opera is slower a slower 🙁 Please, fix this “stupid” behaviour. Thanks guys.

  • Helder

    Opera should save sessions after the browser is closed. I usually have 2~3 opera window, and when I close in the wrong order I just lost all my opened tabs, because Opera don’t save the sessions, like Firefox for example do.

    Thats something really easy to implement, because Opera already save the window that were close, while there’s at least one Opera window.

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      I agree that it would be useful option to confirm closing of window – but you can reopen accidentally closed window and save your tab. That doesn’t help if you are too fast and close whole program also. (I have two windows replacing missing tab stack -feature.)

    • Libor Dupák

      Opera saves sessions but you have to close whole browser at once, not window by window. It’s Menu Opera – Exit (Ctrl+Shift+X). However, it doesn’t keep the Recent tabs as well.

  • Chrome Stabled updated to version 38. Opera Blink Stable for Linux is closer that i believed.

  • Waiting for the stable version of Linux.

    • TomEk

      I hope for not only deb package. RPM maybe?

      • Liviu Vasut

        yeah, me too. +1 for that

  • sgrandin

    I can confirm that during install of this version there were two, then three listings of opera installer processes open in Win 8 Task Mgr. Then afterward there were and remain six versions of “Opera beta (32 bit)” open.


  • Jozka Jozin



    it’s bug or feature?

    In previously version this was without text (it’s set without Name / Title, I want only icon) and only icon and now it still set without Title, but in bar is url by default.

    hotfix: spacebar in Name 😀

    • Wojciech Kostoglu

      This bug is already fixed in developer stream 🙂

      • Jozka Jozin

        Thx! 🙂

      • Jack Serocco

        Another strange bug with bookmark bar. Sometimes drag&dropping of shortcuts “not working”. When trying to rearrange shortcuts in bookmark bar, the icon and title changed in the interface, but the bookmark properties does not change. Sorry if already known bug

  • Alex Parker

    What’s up with that?


    • I am not sure if I have ever seen that. Previously fiddling with full screen or something?

      • Alex Parker

        I think it happens if you watch a video in HD, then switch to another video that doesn’t have HD. Something like that. It’s kinda random, but I’ve seen it plenty of times.

        • Yeah, I’ve seen that one, too. But only once. Don’t know how to reproduce either.
          (DNA-20775 for your reference) 😉

    • Which OS is this?

  • Paweł Borowski

    How can I made shortcut for activate url field by keyboard? Opera 12 has F2 for extra small window with url field. I can made shortcut in Firefox for focusing URL field by F2, so it works similar to old good Opera 12. I cannot made that with new Opera, because configuration is poor.

    • Marcin Mitek

      Alt + D, Ctrl + L, F8.

      • Paweł Borowski

        How can I change this to F2?

        • L33t4opera

          Hi Shion, you can rebind as follows:

          1. Close the Opera, go to the Opera’s profile directory (find the path in: O-Menu>About Opera>Paths>Profile),
          2. Open the “Preferences” file in your text editor, and edit first 10 lintes as below:{
          "Keybindings": {
          "Basic": {
          "FocusAddressbar": [ "Ctrl+L", "Alt+D",
          "Ctrl+E", "F2" ],
          "GoToPage": [ "F8" ]
          "Settings": {
          "AdvancedEnabled": false
          3. Save the changes, close the file, and reopen the Opera.
          Small note: the value for “AdvancedEnabled” can be “false” in case that you not use advanced keyboard shortcuts.

          • Paweł Borowski

            Great. Thank you! I only mean that “FocusAddressbar” (i configured that file before for Ctrl+N as new tab). Sad that there is no tool for keys customization.

          • L33t4opera

            Ok, I understand, but F2 is the default hot key for “GoToPage” function, so that’s why we needed to rebind it to e.g. F8, as above 😉

          • Paweł Borowski

            I mean – I do both. I’m just saying that I know where to edit keys, so I was rest of code, but I can’t find full list of possible assignments.

          • L33t4opera

            Go to the Opera’s installation root, find the subfolder containing the Opera’s version number in name, e.g. 24.0.1558.64, and navigate to this folder, you should find there the “opera.pak” file, make a copy of it, e.g. “opera.pak-copy”, and open it in your text editor, and then search for ‘ “Keybind ‘ – you should be able to see all of the default keybindings. Please be aware, that not all of them may work as expected, yet 😉

  • Willem Visser

    Opera 25 has a bug that is not mentioned here. When you start Opera for the first time, after install, it opens maximized (that’s good). But after 2 or 3 sessions it opens in a smaller window and will never more open maximized. Even when you set the shortcut that it must be maximized, you don’t get it maximized. I Use Windows 8.1 Pro. I also use Linux and the Linux version of Opera 25 has the same bug.

  • Filon

    10 things I want:
    1) Actual themes instead of just background pictures.
    2) Better memory management so you don’t have Opera take up 2GB of RAM just because you once had 40 tabs open, even though they’re closed now.
    3) The option to remove the plus button on SpeedDial.
    4) I like the placement of the SpeedDial, Discover and Bookmark on the left, but I hate the stupid tiles with big letters that most of the time give me no indication of what website goes to what dial. How about the left placement, but with (at least the option to choose) the old way dials looked, as in small screengrabs of the websites.
    5) Bookmark page doesn’t have the same layout as the speeddial and discover pages. You should be able to quickly go back to speeddial if you want. Also, import/export bookmarks.
    6) Simplify the Opera menu. Bookmarks appear twice and I see no use to have links to speeddial, discover and the bookmark page since you can easily get to them by opening a new tab or clicking the speeddial button. Extensions and get extensions shouldn’t be separate. Developer tools should be under Tools, and About Opera should be under Help. Simplify!
    7) As long as Opera is using Chromium, you should be able to install Chrome extensions (and SKINS), just as easily as on Chrome. Heck, you can do that now, it’s just that you have to work around it, when it could be something native.
    8) 64 bit.
    9) Built-in java, flash and .pdf viewer. They’re nice features of Chrome. As long as they don’t hog too many resources, put them in. These are things most people use anyway. But it can be a pain to use Opera on my office computer where I don’t have admin rights to install the latest java or flash. Chrome works, Opera should too.
    10) The ability to rearrange the extensions’ order in the toolbar.

  • Jozka Jozin

    in the last version doesn’t work search without accents.

    When I want find “večer” so I must type “večer” and “vecer” return 0 results. In previously version it works fine.

  • Azorex

    Left-top coner menu fixed – thats great ) Hope we will never see it again.

    Feedback and requests for improving:

    1. Please, make a “Recent Tabs” button on the tab panel – for a quick access. I need to open my closed tabs with history, it takes a time to get to the desired
    item in the main menu. At the edge of the screen – to hit it by click without
    aiming – would be great.

    2. Tab-menu. Icon is too small, it is necessary to aim the cursor. First, it does not extend to the edge of the screen (as a neighbor “+”). Second, the button itself is narrow. This negates the benefits of the new features – loses speed of use.

    IMHO Tab-menu is useful when many windows of one site open, they have long titles, and it is necessary to find the right text. Expand the field for the text and enlarge the font would be a good idea.

    3. Right mouse button+Wheel. I want to see a list of opened pages in the center of screen – as it was in older versions. But I’ll be satisfied with the auto-opening of Tab-menu with the same list of titles for which I can choose the page
    with the mouse wheel. Preview is also, optionally)

    I hope your work does make more convenient and user friendly! From Russia with respect.

  • Alex Parker

    This is gonna be fixed someday, right?


    • This should already be fixed for some time now.
      Can you check this site: http://www.opera.com/docs/browserjs/ ?
      Is browserjs enabled and which version do you have?

      • Alex Parker

        Definitely not fixed. Just did a clean reinstall of this version, and same issue.

        Target version and time stamp of the active browser.js file is Opera OPRDesktop 25.0 core 1592.0, September 18, 2014. Active patches: 16

        • I forwarded it to devs. We’ll look into it.

          • Alex Parker

            NPAPI is Pepper Flash? I don’t use it. I use standard Flash.
            You guys should really check out standard Flash, it has trillion bugs on YouTube. And I will not use Pepper – it plays sound only in Stereo, where normal Flash plays Surround Sound.

            I use Flash Player 15 Final. *NON*-Pepper.

            Please pay attention to Standard (Non-Pepper) Flash already. It has so, so, so many bugs on YouTube!

          • PPAPI is Pepper Flash. NPAPI is the “old” architecture.
            So would you be so kind and answer Thomas’ questions so we can investigate further?

          • Alex Parker

            Sorry, yeah… working fine now. Maybe browser.js was indeed not ready yet. Working fine so far…

            I did answer the question, I said I use the latest stable Flash 15. Which is 15,0,0,152. There doesn’t seem to be any more relevant info in plugin information.

            And I’m sorry for a bit of an outrage. Just… *sigh* tired of having all sorts of YouTube bugs for months.

        • tdudziec

          We checked this issue with NPAPI 15.0.0152 and with browserjs you provided . It worked for us well . We have suspicion that you open video when browserjs was no ready ( it should be downloaded after 60 s ) and then it was working not good for you .Try to reload the page when the browserjs is already downloaded.(you could enter opera:browserjs for fast check)

          If this is still not working please enter opera:plugins -> show details and share the flash version you are using .

  • cgebhard

    The web radio player on http://www.dradiowissen.de doesn’t work. (top left, just below the name)

    • tdudziec

      http://dradiowissen.de is working for us .

      1 what flash you are using ?
      2 have you disabled h264 flag by accident ?
      3 on what OS do you have such issue?

      • cgebhard

        sorry for the lack of details:

        1) version 15,0,0,152, NPAPI
        2) if you’re talking about the opera://flags/#proprietary-media-types-playback, that one is set to “Standard(activated )”
        3) Win8.1 x64

        The strange thing is: I can play older radio content on that website (like recorded programs) without any problem, they start right away. The live player though has problems:
        I just now waited some time and it seems that it starts playing after buffering for >2 minutes.

  • A. R.

    Tab stacking/grouping – please.

    • I’d like to see this, too.
      But there’s no point in requesting it in beta releases. Beta is for bug fixing only.

      • A. R.

        Well i use the beta stream, developer is yet too developer for stable use.

  • Bruno Kos

    Ok – I’ve decided to share this with dear Opera community. After 10 years of being my favorite, I have decided to abandon Opera. Although I rarely complain and don’t mind little things or errors, this has become too much. PDFs not opening most of the time (need to refresh and refresh…), icons not rendering properly or not at all (WordPress developers will know what I am talking about), non-existent bookmark manager that forces me to keep Opera 12 installed as well… after a year or so, I decided not to pursue this adventure any more. Someone else said it on this site and I agree – switching engines was three steps back in Opera development. This is not the final goodbye – I still love this browser and will check for updates every once in a while, but in a meantime, these annoyances forced me to move away.

    • Izer0

      Opera have lots of problems, specially from version 23. Processes is not closed, so memory consumption is higher and higher, flash player disappearing, tab cycling working wrong – does not jump to focused tab most of time. I have backup of Opera 22 and revert back every time I try an new Opera that is “not fixed” 🙁 Opera is going down from ver. 23.

    • ayespy

      Wow. PDF works perfectly here. We have a bookmark manager. Icons work perfectly here. Drag yer stuff does’t work, man.

    • pidgin

      If there are better browsers out there that suit your needs then why do you use opera for?

      For my needs – opera is the best

    • AlexBrtn

      Yes, with the manager of tabs it still an alpha, but not a beta. I early rejoiced. And there is a lot of transitions to the necessary tab. Therefore even I don’t use the manager of tabs.

      I am disturbed more with that on the processor 1.6Mhz, the opera loads pages very slowly. On other popular browsers it occurs much quicker.

  • kapsi

    Full screen mode still often freezes Opera.

  • hundred.or.zero

    New chromium based opera is still better than other browsers. But It’s no way as good as its former presto based self.
    I have to use mouse over and over which is so annoying. Specially Downloads page is very ugly and difficult to use.

  • Dovelove

    This ver on Win 7 64 bit 8 Gig memory crashes my memory all the time even when only program. I get windows pop up low memory error. Runs fine with firefox.

  • Tanel

    I’m noticing an error on YouTube as well: when I’m watching videos in a playlist and the site automatically loads the next one without reloading the window, I’m not able to open the “+ Add to” playlists menu any more. The icon changes colour on click, but the drop down does not appear. I’m able to open it again after a reload. Tried disabling all YT related extensions to no avail.
    OS X Mavericks, MBP 2013

  • iG0Lka

    >>> DNA-27329 BF4 battlelog crashes when viewing single match logs

    Unfortunately sometimes continues to crashes 🙁

  • Onaj Tamo

    Question guys,where does Opera on linux save its preference files?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, it should be in “~/.config/opera-beta” by default (you can check the path in O-Menu>About Opera>Paths>Profile).

      • Onaj Tamo

        Thanks…Opera developer,on startup says that I don’t have the neccesary privileges for those files…and after I restart opera several times it won’t load up.So I will try to mix something up…

  • name siname

    Need to do to open a bookmarks in right, as Speed Dial

  • escruting

    Question: Is Opera ever not gonna be unresponsive or slow when something that isnt opera is using the cpu or hard drive a bit more than normal?.

    Using utorrent, unpacking rar files o simply converting a video (normal priority) makes opera so unresponsive, pages dont load or load slower (fiber optic bandwidth).

    This does not happen with Opera12, Firefox, Internet Explorer and happens less with Chrome than with Opera.

    Is this ever gonna be fixed? its like a person with just one leg if i cant use my computer for other things that just opera ALONE. Yes, Opera alone can be beautiful, but opera with other normal things/tasks computers do ISN’T.

  • Jack Serocco

    Another strange bug with bookmark bar. Sometimes drag&dropping of shortcuts “not working”. When trying to rearrange shortcuts in bookmark bar, the icon and title changed in the interface, but the bookmark properties does not change. Sorry if already known bug

    • Wojciech Kostoglu

      I was not able to reproduce this issue – but we will check it. Thank you!

      • Jack Serocco

        Thank you, Wojciech! Just tried it on a clean profile: added some shortcuts on bookmark bar, swapped two of them = no bug, then rearrange them back = here is the bug

      • Jack Serocco

        So on v25 release. Here is video how I got this issue http://screenpresso.com/=iK8kf

        • Wojciech Kostoglu

          Now I can reproduce this bug, thank you for the video!

          • Guest

            I sent bug report yesterday (DNA-28245)

  • Izer0

    There is it: http://www.softpae.com/opera.avi …neverending opera.exe processes! Tested with Opera stable, Opera Developer, on two laptops. Opera does not know, how to close/kill process. I wanted to do plugin, but Opera does not support chrome.processes API, so, no way to get process ID for tabs 🙁 Result – Opera is unusable for people with multiple tabs (more than 70), even if it is not loaded. Even if only one tab loaded. Weird. Please, enable chrome.processes API for us to fix this.

  • L33t4opera

    New update of the Opera beta for Linux: 25.0.1614.54 😉

  • myminpins

    Return to active tab – This has suddenly stopped working for me. I use it constantly (reading the news, click an article to open in a new tab then, when read, I want to go back to my news tab).

    Any idea how to make this work again? An extension? Anything??

  • floief

    I’m just starting to feel encouraged about Opera progress. The look of my Opera is coming back. An add-on to allow organizing and sorting bookmarks into folders (also shows History and Downloads), another to replace Opera speed dial with one more of my taste (syncs across multiple browsers and computers. A plus for any researcher), and a 3rd to allow Opera to run my chosen speed dial page when I add a new tab makes using the browser a much more comfortable experience. Unlike previous versions, images now show up on web pages instead of place holders. When I maximize the browser that awful blank space at the top is gone. Pdf’s are loading fine in the browser with Adobe Reader…a must. I suppose I’m not a real power user cuz I usually only have 20 or 30 tabs open at a time and I use my mouse (although a really nice one) a lot cuz I never did get the hang of keyboard shortcuts…well, some, I guess. Opera does slow down after I’ve used it for a few hours..so I “stash” my tabs in another add-on just for that and restart.

    I would love to see the return of Opera’s sidebar and Notes. I really, really miss Notes. It would be great to have a sidebar that opened bookmarks, history and downloads too. It would also be good to be able to arrange my toolbar buttons so there is some kind of order to the madness. And honest to goodness, real theme’s ……not just speed dial wallpaper…theme’s would be terrific!

    All in all, though, I think things are starting, slowly, to be better 🙂

  • L33t4opera

    The first build of the Opera beta 26: 26.0.1656.8, the change log 😉

    All my development is not working on the new version of Opera!!!!