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  • fake

    how many test‘’s version to the 23 dev?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I think this one may be the last Developer version for Opera 22 or one of them.

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the info, and for the fixes, Maria 😉

  • opera:about says “Version:22.0.1471.5 – New version 22.0.1471.8 is available”but doesn’t seem to update.
    Restarting the browser kept me at 22.0.1471.5

    • NoName

      In case you are using Windows, you can try to open “Task Scheduler” and run the Opera scheduled task manually. It might take some time, depending on the download speed.

      After that, you need to restart Opera.

      • Thanks, but this post wasn’t about getting help with getting this build, but making Opera Devs aware of a possible issue.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It shows the update being downloaded? I never saw that message saying that a new version is available, i only see “checking for updates ” and then “downloading update ” or “Opera is up to date “.

  • NoName

    NSL problems are still here when opening Opera/restoring session.
    The CPU usage goes away, when I activate the tab.
    This can easily happen for multiple tabs. Usually the same ones.

    • al_ghul

      off top: how do you enter task manager in opera?

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        1. Click Opera menu
        2. Enable Dev. tools in More tools
        3. in Dev. tools menu click Task manager

        • al_ghul

          OOOOOOOHHH, THX a lot! WOOOW, that’s coool, now I can see what page makes opera lag;) and the other options are also useful:) thank You:)

      • NoName

        First enable developer tools: Opera menu -> More tools -> Enable developer tools

        Then go to Opera menu -> Developer tools -> Task Manager

        • al_ghul

          yeah, piotrek mentioned it already, thx:)

  • Dmitry Kirin

    I don’t know what I might have done, but starting from the first build that relied on the scheduled autoupdate, Opera won’t autoupdate. When I open opera:about, it tries to check for updates, then fails. If I launch the update task manually, or run launcher.exe –scheduledautoupdate, nothing happens either. Disabling the firewall does not help.

    Does anybody know which servers are used for that? Or what else should I check?

    • Steffie

      Same for me too Dmitry … i’ve had to manually d/l the Setup.exe for several updates now…

    • There’s an issue with opera:about.
      Pressing F5 while “Checking for updates…” gets shown will make it show the real status.
      It’s known and being worked on.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Thanks for the answer, but no, nothing changes: Checking…, then failed. Though opening opera:about launches the task, there is no download and no update… A clean re-install doesn’t help either.

  • eDameXxX

    When the real bookmarks manager coming?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I would say not soon.

      • tr3w

        I understand it’s not number 1 priority, but why can’t we have at least the one from Chromium?

        I’m still stuck with Opera 12 because of this, and more and more page is broken with it…

        • Hm, do you mean you’d be happy with a direct copy of chrome:bookmarks to opera:bookmarks?

          • Nekomajin42

            For the time being, yes. That is more than nothing.

        • Dwayne Pivac

          i know the feeling – too many cool things in the old Opera (12) to make me want to change. Built-in bookmark functionality the way it was – very important.

        • al_ghul

          well, what i understand from devs, they really have simple chromium base, without default simple chrome features, where there is no such thing like bookmarks by default…they have to programme this…of course (sad) it hase low priority…

    • klasnic

      This question is being asked since version 15, almost 1 year ago. When do you think it’s coming? 😛

    • Just in case the word never says nothing, they’re not coming. I know it’s not a polite answer, but seriously I can’t understand after so much time your hopes are still up.

    • Khairul Skmt

      The real question is who not when? Who decided about what feature must have or not in their future development?

  • Sync Originals

    BUG: Bandcamp STILL no playing. Flash: Plug-in version is installed ( MBP Mavericks).

    • Kurt Zon

      what exactly is not playing?? i am listening as i write this!!

      • Sync Originals

        Press play on bandcamp weekly ( home page ) or ANY artists album and watch the spinning wheel; do that on Opera Next or Opera Stable and enjoy the music. so NADA is playing.

        • anonym

          the play button in the link you posted worked for me:
          latest dev-version on win8.1×64

          • Sync Originals

            mbp mavericks here. txs for that anonym

        • Bjarne Bertelsen

          Also not playing here. Mbp mavericks.

          • Sync Originals

            txs Bjarne, SO THERE YOU HAVE FOLKS :)! Bandcamp, the worlds biggest indie music market NOT working on the Dev,

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Oh, nice page, I didn’t know it. Thanks for the hint. Here everything plays like it should and like in Chrome.

      • Sync Originals

        Hi Ralf. Bandcamp the worlds best ( most elegant music ) market place. pity Opera Dev is no longer playing it. 🙂 Great pity indeed.,

        You on a MAC?

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          My Dev. does. I have Windows 7×64.

          • Sync Originals

            so second windows user with a positive feedback. pity the macs are not longer working,

  • During the past few versions Opera has stopped syncing between my PC and laptop; can anyone suggest anything?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Do you have sync enabled on both? With the same user?
      Anything has been synced?

      • Apologies – I know these are simplistic issues but I should have mentioned them nonetheless.

        Yes, sync enabled, yes, same user and no, nothing getting synced…

        • odinuv

          It doesn’t really work very well. Give it a couple of restarts, try log-in-out sometimes it helps.

          Though I wouldn’t rely to it to much, there has not been a single update to link for months. Probably a dead feature.

          • I’ve done countless restarts and log-ins over the past weeks, it hasn’t worked a single time…

            I also tried test servers/production servers, still no go.

            I’d hate to see the feature go away and I don’t think that’s the case, I was hoping I’m the only one experiencing this for some reason…

        • Leonardo Gomes

          And what happens if you try to use sync on the same computer, on differente versions of Opera?

          • Good question. I’ve got a Next somewhere, let me see…

            Nope, it doesn’t sync with that either…

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Strange, here it works. Do you get any error messages?

          • None whatsoever… yeah, it’s really strange. Don’t know what to make of it 🙁

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Have you tried creating a new account and login with it just for testing?

          • Hm, no… although an interesting suggestion I don’t feel it would say much… First I’m going to install another Opera version on my laptop and see if it syncs (the test I mentioned before was on my PC), this should say something similar…

  • Test Drive

    The update cycles are changing into ‘Bug Fix’ sessions and nothing new and worthy (you know what they are by now) has been added to Opera for far too long…

    This is it ? Opera is complete (the most it looks like Chromium) ? and now only bug fixes remain ?

    and you keep us from very simple things (*cough* Full URL, “ADVANCED” options !, …*cough*) so that when you don’t have something fresh for the new Developer version, you’d throw it in front of us (by disabling a control flag in the code which you could’ve done it in version 16 so that “Full URL” is shown ?).

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Yes, this version is already feature frozen and will only get Bugfixes. This is how things work since the beginning.

      • Saskatchewan

        It’s Developer, not Next build.

        • But Next is very close to Stable (in Android Opera 21 is already out), and you know what happens when that time approaches right? 22 will turn Next and 23 Dev will bring new stuff.

          • Saskatchewan

            I don’t care about 22 Next. When it’s out, it’s out and AFAIR it should happen about two weeks after the stable version is released. That’s loads of time to make it feature-frozen.

            Developer edition is not feature-complete.

          • The fact the stream is not feature-complete doesn’t mean every build must introduce entirely new features.

            I’m not informed enough to comment on the time it takes for a version to be promoted to the next stream, the build to be built and published. I’d look for a way to compare the process length with the other vendors…

          • Saskatchewan

            doesn’t mean every build must introduce entirely new features

            I didn’t say that.

          • klasnic

            doesn’t mean every build must introduce entirely new features.

            Except for the fact that it does not have any NEW FEATURES since version 15…

            oh I’m so sorry… it has “pin tabs”, a horizontal Bbar and “show the full URL”…

        • Leonardo Gomes

          And? Sorry but u didn’t get your point. Even Developer stream will need to be feature frozen at a certain time so i can be transferred to Next.
          And a new version cycle begins and developer starts to get new features again.

          • Saskatchewan

            I do not agree with you. The transition can be made in-between.

            Next version doesn’t have to have all of the features of the Developer version. As I wrote, the time between the release of a stable version and the first Next build should be enough to “freeze” the functions set.

  • Melisek

    can you make some improvements in download manager?
    1) If you are downloading file and suddenly close Opera (mostly forget about running downloading). You will not get notification about it and lost it.

    2) I would like to change name of file which I am going to download before I started it. Now I have to wait for successfuly download and then I can rename that file.

    Old Opera has this features.

    • 1) –

      2) Tick the checkbox for “Ask where to save each file” in the settings, the save dialog will let you change the name.

    • Cyl3erunion

      2) You can also perform a right click -> save as to open the download dialog, should you want to keep the download-without-opening-any-dialog configuration

  • newscpq

    Is it known that TED movies are squeezed into a small (50 pixels tall) rectangle, instead of being shown in their normal 850×480 format?

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Confirmed under W7x64-

    • ricksper

      Ignore this. Not using developer version

  • Sidney Moraes

    Stash customizations!!

    • klasnic

      Allow me to agree with you again and also repeat myself here:


      Whole point here:

      • oic

        I have a different usage hierachy

        I use bookmark bar as my bookmark manger. This is where all my long term bookmark are stored (hundreds of bookmark stored here in nested sub folders). I use speed dial as my medium term bookmarks, for quick access. I use stash for temporary bookmark storage (read it later) which I delete once I’m done with it

  • Onaj Tamo

    I certainly hope 23 will be the one with the Linux version.

    Chromium which I use right now has some kinks.Otherwise I might do some Browser hopping.I might try another fully open source browser.

    p.s. No negativity was meant,I am sure you guys at Opera are hard at work.Also sorry if this post annoys you as one of the repeated Linux whining posts.This one was not intended as such and I tried to be as polite as possible.

  • irclub

    this is a developer version! which means that you must to add features!! next version is for bug fix

    • SQL

      No, they release a new version (21, 22 etc) and there’s your features for the next month or two. Because why not? Not like they have 2 version steams both for bugfixing .. ?

    • klasnic

      ^^But fixing bugs ARE their features since Chropera 15. It’s the new age of Opera, forget what you knew. Forget sanity, this is the future, love it like the fanboys here do…also try to dress more like a hipster and buy an ipad, it will help you see things differently…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      This is not how things work.

      • SQL

        fanboyism intensifies

        • Rafael Luik

          Expectations that don’t match the real world reality intensifies.

          • SQL

            So a year without anything we have wanted is reality? So in other words Firefox is unreal. What else?

          • Rafael Luik

            I don’t know what you mean, has Firefox added Opera 12 features? No.

            Firefox exists since a long time. Chromium-Opera is a new browser.

            You’re limited to know what *you* want, not to represent what the totality of Opera users want.

          • SQL

            No, but you just said that the expectations didn’t match real world reality; In that case developing something actually useful for significantly fast is not real. Not referring to Firefox having Opera 12 features, but alot of their own. And every patch they give consists of more useful stuff.

            So Opera realm; No updates, real life it is

            Any other well developed piece of software; Not real, just fake, go home boys.

          • Rafael Luik

            This is a lie, there are no significant new features in Firefox versions and Australis took a very long time.

          • al_ghul

            well they make long time progress, not regress in some aspects or revolution. new opera is such case. revolution in changing engine, changing idea of browser complexity, and decision no to include all past improvements…or do it in real long misty future …it’s risky – e.g. causing some annoying, but justified comments of disapointed long time users/fanboys.

          • al_ghul

            totality opera users even don’t look here, only fanboys…the totality users get what more interested neighbour got and advised them, sometimes interesting in some technical features, sometimes not…only small groups of people create interesting ideas and the totality agree with them or not using it, sometimes even without thinking

          • CrashNBurn71

            I’ve gotten just about all of Opera 12.16’s features in FireFox Aurora. The features don’t necessarily play as nicely with each other, and I haven’t tried Mail in FF, as until recently I was also using Opera Mail — but much like Opera 12, it’s little more than abandonware; and has not received a single update since it was split into its own “app”.
            Getting FF to Opera levels takes a buttload of Add-ons, and you have to deal with incompatibilities between them. Except for all the minor annoyances though, FF Aurora actually performs better than Opera 12, and certainly doesn’t crash like Opera does (when overloaded with excess tabs).

          • Rafael Luik

            I prefer the Chromium-Opera base feature-set, and sometimes when I overload it with tabs it may get laggy but it doesn’t crash (I have 2.5 GB of RAM). Choose whatever works best for you…

          • CrashNBurn71

            Opera-Blink doesn’t crash much that I’ve seen, no. Opera 12 and its brethren have always been crashy when stressed (50-100+ tabs). Even with 24 gigs of ram, and Opera 12.x64. And the direction Opera has gone is just sad. I’ve been here since Feb/Mar. 2000. I’d rather use IE 10/11 than minimalistic-shit Chrome. Everytime I tried FF when Opera-Devs plain refused to fix bugs, it wouldn’t allow Vertical/Side tabs, had no panels to speak of and just wasn’t up to par with Opera (even with it crashing and not releasing RAM). The tables have turned though…Opera dumped 15 years worth of code, and Firefox perservered. If Opera Management had of actually thought this through, perhaps they would of considered IE/Trident or FF/Gecko as a base, and we wouldn’t be stuck with this uncustomizable bloated Opera-in-name-only browser.

    • You and the seven noobs that upvoted you: This is a continuation of a Developer version, like the fourth.

      • klasnic

        You forgot to mention that in every Developer version since O15 people expect new (and promised) features

  • Sho

    Never thought I’d have to write something like this but the way I see it, Opera actually has 4 development streams:

    1. Opera Stable – as it says in the name, it’s stable…receives occasional security patches.

    2. Opera Next – basically beta, receives bug fixes and stability patches.

    3. Opera Developer – bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes…improvements to basic features.

    4. Opera Nonexistent – this is where all the great features are being developed, such as bookmark and tab management, customization options, resource utilization optimizations etc… This stream has Linux version.

    • klasnic

      Spot on. Especially the last one 🙂

    • Patata Johnson

      So sad, but absolutely true 🙁

    • Test Drive

      just saw Firefox 29 and it’s customizations… something Opera used to have for a long time…
      It’s a shame the new Opera has come to this… Throwing away longtime achievements while Mozilla runs and picks it up…

      I hope you’re happy with the “Simplistic” design you’re throwing at the users…

      • al_ghul

        …and with so many chrome-clones which also work simple and fast…

      • 9pagod

        I agree with you. I used to be Opera (<=12.16) lover. I used Opera everyday and I was very happy with speed dial, dragon fly, tab grouping, bookmark…. and many more. Now I don't have any favorite browser because Safari (yes I'm on MAC), Chrome, Firefox just cannot satisfy my need. I regularly check back to see if the New Opera to be the Old Opera. If that happen then I will set New Opera as my favorite browser. However, I don't know if some day in the future I will adapt Firefox for the other as the development of Opera is seem to be very slow.

      • CrashNBurn71

        It takes a buttload of them, but you can get pretty close to Opera 12.x functionality with FireFox, it just doesn’t integrate it all as cleanly as there are conflicts between add-ons, ad a number of them pollute the context menu really badly.
        Here’s my list:
        All-Places Sidebar Manager, ColorZilla, Customizable Shortcuts, FireGestures, Image Picker, Last Pass,, Location Bar Enhancer, Menu Icons Plus, OmniSidebar, Open Bookmarks in New Tab, Private Tab, Request Policy, ScrapBook, Session Manager, Show Picture, Showcase, Speed Dial, Status-4-Evar, TabGroups Menu, Tree Style Tab, User Style Manager, Vertical Toolbar, among about as many more disabled, that I need to test conflicts for.

    • al_ghul

      hahaha good, 4. is the best one, but where to download this?;DD

    • CrashNBurn71

      Opera nonexistent is my favorite, then FireFox Aurora, then Opera 12.x, then IE 11, then every other browser, then Opera Developer, and lastly Chrome.

    • Paweł Rumian

      Oh well, the usage statistics show a clear trend…

      I’m afraid we would have to say goodbye to Opera Desktop if it continues going this way…

      • CrashNBurn71

        That looks about right, about a third of Opera’s users have had enough and moved on. I pop in like possibly a few others to see if panels have made it back, or bookmarks or dragonfly, or notes, or or or or… much to my chagrin. Opera 22 a year later looks and works pretty much the same as Opera 15.

        What’s even more telling look at the recent posts by “Opera” here. Most of them are calling out to iPhone users about how wonderful Opera is for their phone.

  • Michał Gołębiowski

    I didn’t get a diff update but the whole large one as usual. What happened?

    I’m on OS X 10.9.2.

  • zakius

    and I’m back at presto, got pissed of by laggy extensions that cover OPERA abilities in like 75%…

    • klasnic

      Welcome back 🙂 Things here are still sane 🙂

    • Cool, now you have lag at the browser level.

      • zakius

        wll, true… but still its better

      • DD64

        Not when your processor is fast enough. And if you disable “smooth scrolling”, O12 will perform quite well on most websites (of course, it depends on what websites you visit. I know there are some troubleshooters) 🙂

      • Man, I was reading yours comments, and I realized that you are a big fãboy of Opera, Jesus, we are saying our opinions, tell your and stop getting answering other’s comments to defend your opinion..

        • Rafael Luik

          It’s so nice to know that I can give my opinions too. 🙂

          • Yes man, you can, but every time I see u are complaining about the opinion of others, or saying “you’re lying”… Dude, it’s a criticism, it was not made ​​to you

          • Rafael Luik

            I’m sorry that I don’t shut up when I see injustice.

  • ABDX

    OK guys ! there is something really broken with this update…
    watching a regular video with SD quality eats up to 65% of my CPU and cause it to overheat !!!!?!

  • zakius

    Go directly to stash, w/o displaying useless speed dial
    Customize mouse gestures
    News reader
    Mail client would be nice
    Bookmarks menager, chromium clone would work as you use the same format and probably most of engine…

  • iG0Lka

    Мария, когда уже вы исправите отображение шрифтов и иконок на тулбаре? Почему все такое мелкое?!
    В 19 версии все ок, и только в девелопере от версии к версии трабла с размером шрифта в меню, а также значки мелкие шппц.

    Mary, when already you fix display of fonts and icons on the toolbar? Why is everyone so shallow?
    In version 19 all ok, and only in the developer from version to version Trouble with font size in the menu, as well as small icons shppts.

    • Any Nom

      How did you get what appear to be BOOKMARKS, with nested folders, etc.?!?!?!

      • iG0Lka

        Make a folder “ЗАКЛАДКИ” ie “BOOKMARKS” on the bookmarks bar, it did subfolders, etc. 🙂
        Use the right mouse button.

        • al_ghul

          how it make subfolder then?;P by dragging? and other option?

          to devs: it’ll be better to make new folders and boomarks on bookmark bar on top/beginning – to make easier dragging it or organize, if u have huge number of bookmarks – it make difference to scroll for each new position and waste a time…maybe some option/flag in settings will be good…

          • iG0Lka

            drag to the bookmarks bar

      • We’ve had proper bookmarks for months. I have like 3500, in dozens of folders and subfolders. People come here to spread FUD and say that there are no functional bookmarks in Opera Blink, but it’s a lie.

        • SQL

          I don’t want the bar. It takes unnecessary space.

          • That you don’t want the bookmark bar doesn’t mean in any way that Opera doesn’t have them.

        • al_ghul

          but any nom said that there is no possibility to nest folders in main folders in new opera by default – and that’s true! u have to get extension to do it – quite simple, but absent by default..:D

          • No, that’s false as well, sorry.

            Please get your facts right and then come to argue.

          • al_ghul

            ok, so how can i nest subfolder in the bookmark folder? can you explain this, of course, besides dragging them?

          • Why “besides of dragging them”? You can nest folders by dragging them. Your question is somewhat puzzling: it reveals that you *knew* what you were saying was false, but now you add an arbitrary condition to try to force it to be true again. It doesn’t fly.

          • al_ghul

            well, ok with dragging. and NO, I simply forgot dragging option. why? I consider this as some special gesture,intuitive somekind but not so ergonomic, so as additional “dumb” option, neccesary, but only along WITH some clickable/shortcut option. that’s why dragging has always lower prioritate for me-it’s not so precise – it can fail due to inattention. so the lack of clickable (e.g. with context menu) option makes me feel there is no such option. it’s similar if we will open some link in page dragging it to new tab’s possible maybe, but? yes, not ergonomic.

            simply: when u make some option in gui – what u make first? menu option? context menu option? button? or dragging mechanics for it? that’s my point. we can also drag link from address bar to bookmark it, but there is also context menu AND ‘+’ sign to do it. people has some habits in software, they’re looking more often than intuitive dragging…because software have more such options like buttons/menus rather than dragging mechanism, which not always works.

            I don’t mind other case – fastness of click button/position or shortcut than dragging which should be somehow PRECIZE and can fail from that:)

          • al_ghul

            yes, I edited, but ONLY ADDING comment that i was wrong:)

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Ironically, the proper font size in menus was in fact a bug, and bugs have to be fixed, and that’s what’s been done… 🙂

  • asharb

    When I navigate with Opera stable(or any browser Chromium-based) on profiles of Facebook with quite content, after 1 hour or 2 hours it becomes slow, unresponsive(page’s scrolling for example), and the memory’s consume increases alarmingly, so I have to restart it to normalize. I need to work with dozens tabs open and Opera is not good at dealing with many tabs also. The dozens of process that Opera creates also bother me and I still did not see utility in this issue besides the high memory consumption. I tested also on Ubuntu Linux and the results were the same with browsers Chromium/Webkit-based. But I need use Facebook daily for my job.
    With Firefox or even Internet Explorer 11 this issue hardly happens. So after many years of a friendship healthy with Opera, I’m definitely switching to Firefox, which in version 29 is amazing: beautiful new look, fast, stable, NATIVE functions (sidebar for history and bookmarks, low consumption of memory, tab handling, among many other native settings).
    Good bye my old friend Opera, our friendship was good while it lasted. Good luck for the new and old loyal Opera’s users. 😉

    • odinuv

      Unfortunately, you’re completely correct.

    • klasnic

      Well said, agree 100%. Bye bye, see you in Firefox in the future. (which has also a very nice integrated mail client called “Simple Mail” as an addon, very similar to the one of O12)

      • Dwayne Pivac

        ooooo sweet I’ll have to look into this. Been using Opera since version 3. Even purchased it to have ads removed. Now looks like FF is gonna be the new best browser on Earth 😀

      • Heimen Stoffels

        I’ve used Simple Mail for quite some time, but it’s very buggy.

      • al_ghul

        oooh, that email client’s cool:) i didn’t know…thx!

    • darkBLACK


    • supersur

      Is that Firefox 29 in that image? How does one get the left bookmark pane? It looks just like the one in Opera 12. An how does one get the Speed dial in FF to look like that?

      • odinuv

        Yes, that is FF 29. Left bookmark pane is there by default, background on speedial is setble with

        Customize about:newtab extension

      • al_ghul

        …and that maxthon-like intuitive right panel:) firefox really makes interesting progress:)

    • Coolest story I read all day.

    • David_Gould

      Never had a problem with FB here, with any version of Opera since 15.

      Also, new Opera uses far less memory with 10+ tabs — if it’s set up correctly.

  • Now in FB after I like a pic and/or share something, it goes all the way to the top. Every time.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Yes, it’s been like that since at least 22.0.1460.0.

      • But now is happening in the stable branch.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Here it has been happening for some time already.

  • nicks

    NO new features?! … so you guys doing something there or only bug fixing?

    • ayespy

      It’s nearly time to promote this ver. to the Next stream, meaning there’s too little time in ver. 22 to introduce and debug more features. Next feature introduction will be in ver. 23, which I estimate is perhaps a week away.

      • odinuv

        So let’s guess what it will be:
        – opera main icon changed to red?
        – tabs with round corners?
        – new telemetry engine?
        – opera link renamed to opera connect?

        • Dwayne Pivac

          …and some useful features removed

        • klasnic


        • Rafael Luik

          Unfortunately “removal of trolls from the blog” won’t be in the changelog.

          • SQL

            Still better than fanboys trying to earn internet karma with their fanboy comments.

          • klasnic

            yet you are the one who is trolling and provoking here because what he said was done in the previous versions and presented like the 2nd coming of Christ and you were the one of course to cheer for those just like true fanboys do…

            – showing http://www. instead of not showing it ( “Hello, absolute address!”)
            – “off-road” renamed to “turbo” (…)
            – O-menu got shortcuts to SD, Stash and Discover (…)
            – O-menu got ICONS in the shortcuts to SD, Stash and Discover (…)
            – Right-click menu got icons

            and other… … features…

          • Rafael Luik

            You’re wrong. I criticize – what I want to criticize, not what you want me to criticize.

            Read and to see if you wake up to reality.

          • klasnic

            ROFL… just ROFL…

        • al_ghul

          hahahhah…good joke:DD

  • Dwayne Pivac

    Hi …. can you make Opera cool again? Remember how it was the most innovative browser ever? Well now it’s just a piece of poop. It looks better but as a developer it just sucks big donkeys.

  • MarkG54321

    Some window parenting issues when playing flash video and going full-screen. Only does it the first time, subsequent full-screens are fine (uninitialised variable???)

    Seen in all Opera 22 versions and any site that uses flash video.

  • I see the nasty black horizontal bar is still drawing momentarily across the top near the address bar when Opera loads.

  • cgebhard

    Could you maybe integrate some kind of Information-badge that Opera has been updated since the last start or something? E.g. like the notification that Sync-Server can’t be reached.

    I’m running Opera in an EMET sandbox and always have to link to the new location of the updated exe. That was no problem so far, but when I don’t know that it has been updated, it will simply start out of the sandbox some day.

    • Nekomajin42

      Good idea!

      Just like the manual update option…

  • Tomáš Pavlík

    Almost a year we are waiting for O’ for Linux. I’ll compile new Firefox on my Gentoo once FF’29’s final. And then sadly leave you. I had enough.

  • Steve Hayes

    Hi Developers,
    First off, thanks for your hard work. Secondly, ever since your changeover to Chromium, I keep hearing two big complaints: 1- no Linux version and 2- no bookmarks manager. I think the Devs need to make a definitive statement on when Linux will be available (six months ? a year ? never ?) and if and when a bookmarks manager will be available. Personally, I don’t need either one but it seems many users do. I’ve been using Opera since version 4. Just trying to help, Devs.

  • Heimen Stoffels

    Opera Team has really gone from an honest, caring company to a lying company. Where is the Linux version? We’re so many releases ahead now and you promised Linux would be supported again in the near future.

    • Leif Roar Moldskred

      No, they didn’t. They have said they intend to release a Linux version at some point, but they’ve not mentioned a time frame.

      • Heimen Stoffels

        They said “near future”. Maybe not on their blog, but they did say that on Facebook and Twitter when I asked them about the Linux version little over a year ago.

        • Leif Roar Moldskred

          Oh, in that case, my bad.

    • Tomáš Pavlík

      Yeah, surfing on Chromium is a pain in the ass. Still can’t get use to it.

  • Grzegorz Rak

    bug, opera crash. 😐
    Win7 x64 Phenom x6 10GB RAM(4+4+2).

    • Sidney Moraes

      Don’t you think you have too much tabs openned?

      • I’ve opened up to 80 tabs with 6GB RAM and an Atlhon X2 Dual-Core CPU, like 4 years ago. NO crash.

        • ruduh

          Save on SD this 80 tabs in a folder, then try to open this saved session and see what happens, your PC your PC/Windows will probably freeze or crash. Whith Firefox this problem doesn’t happens.

          • Actually now you get the option to save them as a SD folder, so you can have different sessions saved as SD folders, then you can restore any of them by CTRL+Click.

            Open a different window to open another group and avoid confussion.

            One day, now I’m just too lazy, that day I was open pics from a forum like there was no tomorrow.

          • ruduh

            I mean, try to open this 80 tabs “at same time”(without lazy sessions enabled) and see what happens.

      • al_ghul

        NO NO NO! opera was always a strongman in such heavy using! it’s quite natural;P only hardcore opera users have such behaviour…and YES, sometimes other browsers can’t take it;P

    • Leonardo Gomes

      The whole browser or just a page or set of pages? It happens all the time? there is something that usually triggers the crash?

      They will need such info to try to reproduce the problem.

  • Morpheus

    I gave up waiting for Linux version. I used to check this blog every day, then every week and now maybe once a month… unfortunately, the popular alternatives are not much better (at least not for me) so I am stick with Midori. It is a little buggy but it exists… and it works.

    • al_ghul

      thx for next one interesting browser alternative:)

  • SQL

    I don’t want 22 promoted to next. I’m browsing with Next on a daily basis, and i don’t want any of the useless autoupdate features.

  • I can say my opinion? Opera is stopping in time, okay use Chromium, now he has not had a great improvement since version 15, I’m not saying we had not had some improvements but, until today no bookmarks appear, as others are improving rapidly, as Firefox, he had a very good update in Opera as becoming more like Chrome…

    • Are you saying Firefox update just happened like that? I’ve been using Australis since last year, in the UX channel. You can’t imagine how long it took them to get it, and it’s purely a visual change.

      • I’m just saying that even taking on Stable updates of most browsers, always comes over a useful thing, unlike Opera he releases a version fixing many bugs and adding some things that the average user does not even realize, what happened in the update 19 to 20

        • Rafael Luik

          No, you’re lying.

          • I’m lying? What was the great improvement of Opera 19 for 20? Visually, the memory will not notice anything, browsing speed too ..

          • Rafael Luik

            Yes, you’re lying. Australis took years to be developed and included in Fx 29.
            What’s the great improvement from Firefox 27 to 28? And for Chrome 33 to 34?

          • But they have their audience, 90% of Brazil uses Chrome, I only have one friend who uses Opera, who don’t uses Chrome, use Firefox .. Who needs to undergo major improvements is the Opera, in order to win a large audience… Some people not out of version 12, and I do not blame them, still have things in version 12 that the 22 do not have

          • Rafael Luik

            Who needs to undergo major improvements is the Opera, in order to win a large audience…

            lol, just lol

          • yes, lol, because Is Opera a company who makes a browser for some people to use? The more improvements and more people using more famous he becomes. I guess its because of this that people use Chrome, it’s fast, and beautiful, unfortunately I can not deny it, and outside it they spend on advertising.

          • ayespy

            I find it neither fast nor beautiful. I do not find it intuitive. I find it clunky and limiting.

            Of course they spend money on advertising. They have all the money in the world. That, plus the fact they have the third-largest software design team in the world (after Apple and Microsoft) is why they were able to move to the front front of the browser market overnight.

            Chrome is better than IE. It may even be better than Safari. It is a little faster, but less configurable and user-friendly than Firefox or Pale Moon. It currently has more features than Opera – but it is not faster nor is its interface basically as good as Opera’s

          • You may even be right, but at least for me, is taking too long to see something that makes me continue using Opera..

          • Rafael Luik

            I LOLd because 12→15 is supposed to be the major improvement/change Opera has undergone.

  • Lucas

    the download is really slow

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Download of…?

  • The same Maria Popova from BrainPicking, or a different one? O_o

    This release reintroduces two bugs that had been fixed before:

    1) Upon start of the browser, with the “continue where I left off” setting, previously opened tabs never load, even after clicking on them.

    2) Most Speed Dial slots (extensions) are blank. They only show a globe icon on a white background.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      1) I always start with my last tabs open and they always work and load.

      2) Yes, sometimes this happens (maybe this is also the reason for 1)). If I close Opera and restart it everything works normal. Seems to be a kind of hiccup.

      • So, partially confirmed. Thanks.

        I deleted the cache last night and now both things seem to be working again. I’d say Opera’s memory management is generally bad. I still love the browser, though. 😀

  • ColinB1

    Changed default search engine abbreviation why?

    First shows Developer 22
    and second shows Next 21

    • Leonardo Gomes

      No changes here so far.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      As far as I saw there was no change here. But mostly I don’t see them, because I create my own ones. I rename the default_partner_content.json.

    • x a

      I use a customized Web Data database and keywords table therein, ie custom search engines. Inside that db I re-assigned go to be the shortcut for the default Google search definition (to allow me using g for my own purposes).

      With this version and after reading @ColinB1’s posting I checked and ended up with goo as the shortcut defined in the data base, So Opera added a suffix ”o“ with upgrading to this build?

  • Tomáš Pavlík

    Linux, please.

  • Janghou

    Your Bug Wizard doesn’t allow versions numbers 21+ (drop down field), so bugs in Opera 22 have to be filed against version 21

  • Strathos

    A couple of glitches:

    On, and other sites of Gawker Media, if you Middle click on the ‘description text’ that’s below an article title, opera will both enter pan/scroll mode and open the ‘link’ in a background tab. About one out of three times it will make the main tab crash.

    On Speed Dial, you can drag a dial item to the tab bar and it will be opened, but dragging a folder will open a Blank tab. (since I’m here, I’ll mention again that middle click on a folder does nothing – it should open the folder items, imo).

  • IllusionMH

    Search in History doesn’t support partial match?

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Even more, it seems to require that what you type is in the beginning of a word. For example, typing ‘remo’ will find ‘Remote Desktop,’ while ’emo’ won’t.

  • Vitor Moreno

    This version looses WebGL 3D Graphics support on HTML5 test, it scores 20 points less than previous builds.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Which test? It works on Peacekeeper.

  • Паша

    Still no mention of full bookmarks support.

    • Leonardo Gomes
      • Паша

        Oh, thanks, so on my way to Chrome… 🙁

        • oic

          try firefox 29 or vbookmark extension (bookmark manager) for opera

          • Sierra

            Firefox 29 with couple of add-ons (FVD Speed Dial, RightBar) reminds me of Opera 12. Very good.

          • Wraith

            You can also try Superstart (speed dial) is almost like the old Opera Speed dial plus the hability to make folders like in the new opera.

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      No one is trying to force you to use new Opera, so don’t worry… for now, hehe 😛

  • shane

    I wonder if you guys realise this; It’s now pretty much impossible to Google solutions to Opera problems due to the fact majority of the discussion already on the web relates to a completely different product.

    I really wish you gave it a different name.

    • al_ghul

      there were some prepositions some time ago, I REALLY liked this the most: Opium = Opera + Chromium…:)

  • Snake223

    hello opera. anybody can help me? i don’t know whats wrong with google in my opera stable 20.0.1387.91 . the google look something like old style without js. i try to delete profile folder from “username/RoamingOpera Software” , i try to reinstall opera but always google look as shit =) see screenshot to understand what i mean.
    in all other browsers (chrome, ff, ie11, opera 12) google look normal.
    soory for my english, thanks

    • serendipity1002

      I’ve got the same issue. Horribly inconvenient

    • Rafael Luik
    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Stupid Google. I’m using Chrome now, but I don’t like what Google thinks about Opera browser (both Presto and Chromium-based). This is insane, srsly.

      • Vux777

        yesterday, outlook mail warned me about outdated browser (I’m using latest Opera NEXT) and suggested new generation of browsers (IE or Chrome)

  • Snake223

    hello opera. anybody can help me? i don’t know whats wrong with google in my opera stable 20.0.1387.91 . the google look something like old style without js. i try to delete profile folder from “username/RoamingOpera Software” , i try to reinstall opera but always google look as shit =) see screenshot to understand what i mean.

    in all other browsers (chrome, ff, ie11, opera 12) google look normal.

    soory for my english, thanks


    first screenshot from Opera 20

    2nd screenshot from Chrome

  • César.

    Will the “Log In” button come back some day to Opera? I don´t see why is so hard to bring back Opera 12 features to Opera Chromium.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Well, seeing how the password manager works in Opera Blink i think that such button would be unnecessary.

      • César.

        It is necessary; is more comfortable click on a button that start typing in order to access a website .

        At least, Opera Dev Team should let the user decide about it.

        • al_ghul

          yes, it is more comfortable, when I’m get in page where I have account data saved, but want to enter new user, and not make seen my account data, the button is the better solution! i want to login with saved password and user – i press the button, else – nothing is seen:)

    • But first they have to solve another problem, Opera won’t always ask to save your password, in sites like Outlook, when it was called Hotmail Opera was the only browser to ask if you wanted to save your username/password, now it’s just like the rest.

      • César.

        Exactly! Once this is solved (If so…), the Log In button will help.

  • klasnic

    Amongst many many things Chropera needs this
    One click, everything is grouped and stacked up and individual stacks can be closed with a single click.

    When I’m having 10 tabs of something, 6 tabs of something else etc, etc, it is very annoyong having to shift-click all these tabs in order to close them.

    DEVS are you listening? Where are the ergonomic features like this? All we see are cosmetic ones.

    • escruting

      Yeah, like closing a tab double-clicking it, this was soooo comfortable in old Opera.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Middle click on a tab closes it.

        • escruting

          I know, but its better with the left click because you dont have to move the finger and the button is not as hard to press as the wheel button (also some mouses/touchpads dont have middle click, and also if you use the wheel button a lot its easy to break the wheel :/ )

          • al_ghul

            simply – the reason is: one group of current users use still mouses, but quite large group – touchpad – so it’ll be cool to have some additional gestures for closing tabs and make it easy:) that’s why some time in old opera I turn on/off close button on tabs, when using touchpad.

          • Vux777

            mouse gesture down-right will close current tab

      • The Solutor

        Almost one year ago the devs agreed with me, to the idea of having at least an option for this.

        looks like they forgot it ( frankly speaking they forgot a lot of things 🙁

        • escruting

          I’m using shift+left click for this, but its not as comfortable (a lot of times one just wants to browse the internet with one hand <–no pun intended xD)

      • CrashNBurn71

        Ctrl+w too, since everyone thinks you don’t know all the OTHER ways to close a tab, beyond the way that was most useful and easy.

  • The Solutor
    • Dmitry Kirin

      The video is in the MPEG4 H.264 format, Opera won’t play it.

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        When Opera will fully support the HTML5 player on YouTube?

        • Dmitry Kirin

          It does support HTML5 video, as it’s just a tag, but it won’t support the H.264 encoding, because its codec is not free.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Hmm, Chrome and FF can play it. So did they pay for it?

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Google intended to drop support of H.264 from Chrome, but at the same time, it owned YouTube, with tons of such content. I don’t know if anything has changed since this article, though.

          • Rafael Luik

            Google licenses it. Mozilla doesn’t, Firefox only plays it when H.264 is already present in the OS where it’s running.

            CISCO recently licensed it and made it available for free for anyone, but ideologically it goes beyond price (Will this “free license” last forever? Will it run on any platform that exists or come to exist like the web standards are intended to run?).

            We don’t know how Opera will keep dealing with this situation though, we must wait and see.

          • The Solutor

            I was aware of the matter and I undersant that the browser itself doesen’t support the html5 video.

            I understand less why it doesn’t load the proper tool from the underlaying OS or the proper plugin by default.

            This looks like more as a move to please Google rather than the user.

            And IMO has nothing to do with the respect of open standards, it’s just an idiotic move.

            For the record the real Opera plays the video I linked above pretty well (trough flash player, no additional compnent needed)

    • hkeye

      It seems that after adding wmp-extension-for-chrome, video can work. ( )

      • The Solutor

        Thanks for the suggestion, but looks like it doesn’t work for me (the wmp window is loaded but no video is played).

        Il try it further this evening.

  • klasnic

    Chropera 22 does not ask for saving passwords in many many sites, which is really annoying. Is it a problem of this version or is it also there in the stable and next versions?

    • What you are referring to is a new “feature” that has been switchable using chrome://flags/#password-autofill-public-suffix-domain-matching until about 3 dev builds ago. Now the flag is missing and my passwords don’t fill in anywhere (or unrelated logins are filled) as well. I’m thinking about switching to real chrome, this slows me down every day.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Two keyboard issues:

    1. The action Homepage (Ctrl+Space and Alt+Home) opens a new tab, just like AddBlankTab (Ctrl+T). It’d be better to turn the active tab into a Speed Dial page. And what’s slightly wrong is that after Ctrl+Space, the page in the original tab is scrolled down, exactly as if Space in Ctrl+Space was handled separately from Homepage and applied to the original tab.

    2. Download popup blocks Backspace, i.e. when the popup is shown after a download, pressing Backspace to jump one page back does not work until you close the popup.

    • cgebhard

      In addition to opening a new tab Ctrl-Space scrolls down the page where you pressed it. Same action as pressing Space-Key alone. I suppose that is not intended.

      Happens on Developer and Next Build
      Win8.1 x64

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Sometimes there’s a very strange problem. I don’t know what causing it, but sometimes I can’t type any letter on my keyboard on any application in Windows. It looks like that Opera blocks pernamently my keyboard and I need to restart my computer. There’s a one funny thing: This, hmm… bug(?) is also on Chrome and probably on Chromium. Someone also reported that in comments on one of blog posts, so I’m not alone (yeah, finally :P).

      • Dmitry Kirin

        I might have had that. I thought it was some hardware glitch, so I plugged out and re-connected the keyboard…

  • a3ano

    BUG: Content in long selection lists do not scroll.

    The content of the list does not scroll when the scroll bar is used. Nor is the content scrolled when the mouse wheel is rotated although the scroll bar does move.

    The content is however updated .when the mouse is moved over the content.

    Occurs with all lists that have a content that is longer than the view port of the list.

    Example: list under “What the List Looks Like:”.

    Happens in current and, if I recall correct, also in earlier versions.

    See the strange effect when: Open the selection list; move the scroll bar at the right down and then move the mouse from the right half way into the view and move the mouse down.

    Regards, a3ano

    • Leonardo Gomes

      No problems here.

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        Yeah, you again don’t have problems. You probably have big luck with Opium, tfu… new Opera.

        Yeah ;_;

        • Wraith

          Or maybe he is related with Opera Team in some way!, I see him in a lots of reply trying to make the New Opera look good.

          • klasnic

            nah he is just one of the 3-4 disgusting fanboys here…

          • ayespy

            Because, yeah – if one is not bitterly caustic and condemnatory of Opera at every turn, or if one has some success with it, one is a “disgusting fanboy.”

            Someone whose comments consist solely of such wretched carping that is it impossible to believe they even USE the browser, why they are just a “cold-eyed realist.”

          • klasnic

            … said one of the 3-4 fanboys who felt the urge to defend his fanboysim…

          • Azrael

            Come on, even you must realize this post is the perfect example on fanboyism.
            If that is too complicated for you to see just replace in your comment the words Opera and browser with Apple and iSomething and it will become bloody obvious.

          • ayespy

            A statement of “no problem here” is fanboyism?

            Wow. Just wow. (as it happens, on my Win 8.1, I also don’t have the problem. I guess since klasnic has already classed me as a fanboy, I can ruin my reputation with the “cool” critics no further by so stating.) Now I could have given the developers some additional helpful feedback by mentioning this, perhaps, to the initial comment, but I had not even bothered to look, as it was a problem I had not encountered in my routine browsing.. Now I looked, and no problem.

            And my and Leonard mentioning this, which might help the devs disambiguate what the source of the problem might be, (in other words, people on the same platform both do and don’t have it) has us branded “fanboys.”

            I, personally, tend NOT to post in defense of the browser, but rather to report a problem, confirm a problem, ask for a better solution to something I see, or to answer a question if I know an answer.

            Leonard, I notice, does tend to post often in defense of the browser. This has not been to a degree or in a tone that would make him look like some kind of cult follower (fanboy) to me, but he obviously has more time or is more protective of it than I am.

            But I DO notice that klasnic not only appears never to have anything constructive to say, but that he always can gratuitously find something condemnatory to say about both the product and about other commenters. If there’s an opposite to fanboy, he’s it. You know – one of those guys who learned from his mom, “If you can’t find something bad to say, don’t say anything at all.”

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, i can’t come here to say that i have a problem if i don’t have it.

          Maybe the problemm is related to graphics card? Or maybe some different setting in Opera?

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Confirmed under W7x64. Also with some other lists.

    • Ah yes, Platforms are worth mentioning. Long time since I accessed Desktop Team blog.

      For me happens on W7x64 an W7x32

    • ABDX

      Confirmed under W7 x64

    • cgebhard

      confirmed on Win8.1 x64

    • al_ghul

      confirmed: win7 pro x64!

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Confirmed under Win7 SP1 x86 and XP for this build, 22.0.1471.8. In 21.0.1419.0 and Next 21.0.1432.39, it works corrrectly.

    • DD64

      confirmed on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS … just kidding

    • Sidney Moraes

      Confirmed on Windows 8.1 x86, but on Stable version is ok

    • Marcin Mitek

      This is already fixed internally.

      • Marcin, Thanks for informing us about this.
        Makes me happy.
        Regards, a3ano

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Opera has sometimes problems with codepages, especially, when a page contains german umlauts. Then it doesn’t help to switch on automatic selection. I have to select the correct codepage manually. For example here:

  • Jerónimo Barraco M.

    Linux plz ;_;

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Yeah, poor Linux users (I hear a lot of Linux, but I think this system is too hard to understand for me), who still waiting for their favourite browser. And yes, Opera Software still will said that they didn’t abandon the Linux version.

      Yeah, just saying ;_;

      • al_ghul

        try some time some linux distro – u can find even windows-similar ones – it’s really useful, especially in small batch programming or big data handling, and in some aspects real as simple as windows (u can run it’s live version temporary even from usb sticker:)).

  • Sidney Moraes

    To download with net installer is really slow!

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Opera 21 Stable is on the ftp and should be released tomorrow. Now waiting for Developer 23.

  • Ralf Brinkmann
    • Helder

      Trying to figure out whats new

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    The same problem as my last try: How can I get my search engines and autofill entrys back, when I updatet from 22.x to 21 stable?

    • cgebhard

      Doesn’t sync synchronize the search engines at least?

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        I don’t know. My last sync was with 12.15. In the meantime I changed a lot.

        • cgebhard

          Search engines are synced for sure.
          But I don’t think the autofill data

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Downgrade, you mean. 🙂

      For search engines you can try copy web data*.* from 22’s profile folder into 21’s one. This will replace all your search engines on Opera 21 Stable.

      Or you can just enable sync on 22 an then on 21.

  • Sync Originals

    Pity 1st Bandcamp not playing NOW, Zvooq ( nothing really, just Russia’s biggest music streaming c.o. (). it “sound awful” this update guys!

    • hkeye

      Bandcamp can play after installing ffdshow mpeg-4 codec

      • Sync Originals

        txs very much., but NO txs. Do you honestly think people will want a browser that to play a simple ( well written codex from a site like Bandcamp ) will need to install something. Pls don’t even tell me that this is a Devs blog ( I KNOW ). Level of service, level of service we say in my industry.

  • nanana1
  • A. R.

    Please at least add Tab Stacking, Tab Grouping… whatever you want to call it.

    I would want to ditch 12.x already but Tab Stacking missing from the new Opera – this is where I draw a line, this is where I’m putting my feet down.

    No upgrade in sight until this signature feature is added.

    Could you for Opera 23 focus on getting 12.x users to upgrade? You know what the community has requested for long.

    I also miss Notes.

    Also, as in Chrome, there should be an option to run all tabs in one process.

    Customization too should be as good as in 12.x. But I’m willing to wait.

  • OldHickory30

    With all the “enhancements,” Opera is still the ONLY browser that will not allow one to set a custom search engine as default? Several versions ago I was told it was a security issue, still going with that story? Time to switch to FF 29 which gives me a great deal of customization.

  • klasnic

    Visit as usual. Opera uses 3-4 processes.

    Click on Disqus to login – A window pops up. Close the other tab ( Opera still shows 3-4 processes.

    Congratulations you can’t open any other tab or run the program from the shortcuts or from the .exe despite Opera showing that those 3-4 processes still exist. Where is the much advertised and… famous chromium multi-process architecture that guarantes the browser to work at all conditions?

  • taneli

    Don’t know what it is, but ever since the Aura update, everytime i zoom on youtube’s “My Subscriptions” page, it takes 20-30 seconds to change the zoom, slightly annoying.
    Also, would be nice if we could get rid of this “Zoom is domain based” stuff, i open a video, want to zoom in a bit to make the video bigger -> the page i came from is all screwed up (zoomed to smithereens).
    And as i earlier mentioned, it is very counter-productive for graphic artists who browse some assets on a browser (be it on a webpage, or a local server).
    Having a huge list of textures and “Open in a new tab” on a ton of those -> zoom in on some of the opened tabs to see the texture better -> screws up other opened tabs and the original list, where you opened them, very annoying.

  • Ralf Brinkmann
  • Leonardo Gomes

    Developer 23 today? 😉

    • L33t4opera

      Would be really nice 😉

  • Vux777

    new dev 23.0.1499.0

  • Texan357

    Sessions are gone. For this and many other reasons, Opera is no longer my favorite browser. Now, apparently I have to use Firefox.

    • Vux777

      sessions are now in form of speed dial folders
      right click on any tab and choose “Save tabs as speed dial folder”
      that is your session