Online with Opera: Donald studies with Opera Mini

Online with Opera: Donald from Nigeria studies with Opera Mini

Donald Chimuanya Nwokenakwe, from Imo state in Nigeria, is studying to become a Certified IT Professional in Enterprise Administration at Boston College in South Africa.
Online with Opera: Donald from Nigeria studies with Opera Mini

What career path would you like to take after your studies?

I want to be a Systems Administrator, because it is solutions-orientated; you’re faced with a problem and you must simply find a way to fix it. I hope one day I’ll be able to work for Opera!

Where do you like surfing on Opera Mini? – to keep up with the latest soccer results. – to see the latest hot discussion topics of discussion in Nigeria. – to get the latest Nollywood news.

What do you use Opera Mini for, besides browsing your favorite websites?

Since I am currently studying, I do a lot of research on the internet and watch YouTube videos illustrating all sorts of stuff in relation to my studies. Opera Mini helps me do it all without any interruptions – buffering is a thing of the past!

Do your friends in South Africa use Opera Mini?

I find that Opera Mini is more popular in Nigeria than South Africa; most of my friends in South Africa would say they know about Opera Mini, but they used it more back in the 90s when they were young. I always tell them that, now that they are grown up, they should use it more, because it saves data and can help them avoid surprises on their bill.

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