Generate Images in your phone with Opera for Android

Generate Images in your mobile device with Opera for Android

Hello there Opera fans,

Imagine being able to generate images in an instant from anywhere, at any time. That’s the power we’re putting in your hands with the latest Opera Beta for Android update. Now, whether you’re commuting, traveling, or simply relaxing on the couch, you can generate images with Aria in Opera Beta for Android version 83. To access this feature, open a chat with Aria in the browser and write a prompt requesting an image about whatever you want – it’s that easy!

We recently released Image Generation for Aria on PC under the AI Feature Drops program for the Developer stream of the browser, and now we’re bringing this exciting feature to mobile. Our commitment to providing cutting-edge AI experiences means you’re getting the best features, no matter the platform. 

Aria can Generate Images and boost your creativity

With this new feature, Aria will be able to Generate Images in your phone by recognizing the prompts you give it in the chat. Powered by the Imagen2 image generation model from Google, Aria will generate images for you on demand. Whether you want to create a beautiful landscape, an image for a presentation, or even a fun picture of an astronaut dog in space, Aria will make your words come to life. 

Generate Images in your mobile device with Opera for Android

Now you can send your dog on an interstellar trip across the galaxy. With Image Generation coming to mobile, your creative ideas won’t have to wait until you reach your computer to come to life. Once you get the image you were looking for, you can copy it to your clipboard, save it, share it, or directly set it as your device’s wallpaper. To do so, tap and press the image that Aria generated for you, and a menu with these options will appear. 

Get the most out of your mobile browser with Opera for Android

Download Opera Beta for your Android device here, and unleash your creativity with the Image Generation feature on the go! 

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