Opera goes native for Windows on Arm

Opera goes native for Windows on Arm

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If you’re one of the early adopters using a new Arm-powered Windows PC, here’s some great news: Opera is now optimized to make the most of your device’s capabilities. Thanks to support from Microsoft’s App Assure team and Qualcomm Technologies, the latest Opera build runs more than four times as fast* on this new generation of PCs. Opera is committed to providing the best possible experience on every device, including the newest Arm-powered Windows PCs.

Arm-based processors are bringing a new level of performance to Windows PCs with the release of the much-anticipated Snapdragon X Elite processors from Qualcomm, and we’re committed to being at the forefront of this exciting shift. We want to make sure that you get the best possible performance when browsing with Opera no matter the platform you are using; that’s why we’ve made Opera go native for Arm-powered devices on Windows.  

Opera goes native for Windows on Arm

What are the benefits of Arm-architecture?

Arm processors aren’t only just about speed – they’re also built for efficiency. With a Windows Arm-powered machine, you’ll enjoy significantly better battery life, which, combined with Opera’s battery saver, will significantly boost your browsing time in a single charge. This is all thanks to the power-efficient design of the Snapdragon X Elite series processors; their unique Reduced Instruction Set (RISC) is optimized for streamlined performance, resulting in a more efficient system that delivers longer battery life and keeps your device running cooler. 

Think about it this way: Arm architecture is like a modern factory, streamlined and efficient, where robots work seamlessly to produce high-quality products with minimal waste. In contrast, x86 architecture is akin to an older factory, relying on a complex network of conveyor belts and manual labor, resulting in a slower and less energy-efficient production process.

Download the Opera optimized version for Windows on Arm

You can find the Arm-optimized version of Opera in our Developer stream of the browser. To download this build of Opera you’ll have to do so from an Arm-powered Windows device.

Have you already got yourself a Windows PC with an Arm processor? Then download Opera today!


*Opera benchmarked the optimized browser using Speedometer, a widely popular benchmark for web browsers. The resulting scores indicated over four times faster speeds than those in the emulated version of the browser.

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