Opera’s AI Cluster among the Top 100 most Powerful Supercomputers in the world

Opera's AI cluster in Iceland within the top 100 most powerful supercomputers in the world

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At the beginning of the year we deployed our AI data cluster inside atNorth Datacenter in Iceland, and today we are proud to announce that it has been ranked among the top 100 most powerful supercomputers in the world*. Powered entirely by green energy and using the cutting-edge NVIDIA H100 AI Computational cards, the cluster allows you to enjoy more AI features in the browser. For example, it allows us to deliver our AI Feature Drops Program to you on a biweekly basis. It also opens the way to develop much more advanced AI features in the future, which means a more advanced Aria for you. 

Opera’s green-powered AI supercomputer joins global elite

This supercomputer has been designed to minimize its impact on the environment, and that’s why it relies on hydroelectric and geothermal power for energy and cooling – requirements that Iceland fulfills gracefully. 

We went for the state-of-the-art NVIDIA H100 GPUs because they provide four times faster AI training and 30 times faster inference on large language models compared to previous generations of it. For us this has been a commitment to deliver the best possible AI experience within our browser to you.

This supercomputer rocks! It has been ranked as the 88th best supercomputer in the world, which is no small feat and we are very happy to have such capabilities to deliver a better browser for you. Since 2023 we have been innovating in the AI world, integrating our very own AI, Aria, to all versions of the browser. We knew that this data cluster was a step in the right direction of bringing you the latest AI innovations in the browser world, and now we are even more determined to keep at it with one of the most powerful machines ever made.

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