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Aria gets a big boost with cutting-edge new features

A laptop screen shows the newly upgraded Aria, Opera's native browser AI.

Hi everyone!

We’re excited to share some big news about the latest update to Aria, Opera One’s native browser AI. The new set of tools unleashes the power of AI, requiring less time and effort and fewer technical skills. So whether you’re a tech pro or a casual user, new features such as “Compose,” “Refine, and “My Style” will help you save time and boost creativity like never before.

Refine Aria’s output without any context

Our first new improvement to Aria is a brand-new “Refiner” tool, which has two main features: “Reuse” and “Rephrase.” 

Let’s dive into “Reuse” first. With traditional AI chatbots, you often need to retype the entire context in every query – a repetitive process that’s both annoying and time-consuming. But with the “Reuse” feature, you can create the perfect response based on selected parts of Aria’s previous answer. Just click on the bits of a previous answer that you want to recycle, click “Reuse,” and those elements will be added to Aria’s input field. After you’ve collected everything you need you can type a new prompt, which will generate a new reply – but with aspects of your previous response duly incorporated.

How about an example, you say? Let’s say you are using Aria to brainstorm ideas for a getaway to the Kingdom of Bhutan. You can now select a couple of the proposals that interest you among Aria’s responses, and ask it to combine them into a trip plan for two.

Now for “Rephrase.” Let’s say you are happy with the blog post the AI generated, but just want to change one small bit. With most AI chatbots, your only option is to ask them to regenerate the whole thing. Aria is different – it allows you to rephrase a selected fragment of its output. You simply need to select the part you want it to change and click “Rephrase.” The new response will keep the bulk of the previous one and only rework the element you chose.

And if you feel like you want to get back to a part of Aria’s responses later, you can highlight the elements you need, just like you would with highlighters in a book or notepad: the new “Highlighter” feature will allow you to jump back and address that bit later.

Effortless content creation

One of AI’s biggest boosts is its ability to create written work on our behalf – and with the new “Compose” feature, Aria can help you write all sorts of content.

Start by clicking the magic pen next to the input field. Whatever you’re writing – whether it’s a blog entry, a work email, a social post, whatever – just follow these three steps:

  1. Select the type of content you want to write from the TASK section.
  2. Provide a topic and little more context in the DESCRIPTION field.
  3. Choose the length, as well as tone: formal, informal, neutral, academic, business or funny. 

Your text will be ready in no time – and you didn’t even have to come up with a prompt!

Personalize your AI experience

Worried that Aria might not “sound” like you, though? Well, fear not! With “My Style,” you can train Aria to match your very own writing style!

All you have to do is provide a few samples of your writing in various styles – formal, neutral, informal – and hit “Define My Style.” After that, Aria will be able to come up with all sorts of content that reads and sounds just like you. 

Ease and accessibility

We’ve always focused on seamlessly incorporating new features and innovations, which is why interacting with Aria is easier than ever. Just use the command line (Ctrl+/ or cmd+/) to ask questions, get immediate responses, and instantaneously switch between browsing and AI interaction.

What’s more, if you’re an Opera GX fan, you can find all of these amazing features there too.

So get familiar with the new, supercharged Aria today! Download Opera One here.

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