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Aria lands in Opera GX to add AI to your browsing 

A laptop screen shows Aria's functionality within Opera GX.

Hey gamers!

We’re taking your browsing experience to a whole new level with Aria! Our browser is AI here to answer your questions, write your code, engage in banter and help you conquer the digital realm. 

Aria is no average AI – equipped with our very own Composer architecture, Aria can not only write code, but also tap into the real-time pulse of the internet, providing you with up-to-the-minute results that can answer all of your pressing questions. So if you’re an Opera GX Early Bird user, you can now interact directly with a friendly browser AI that puts all the latest gaming news and tips right at your fingertips. 

Go ahead, ask Aria anything: “Has Starfield finally launched yet?” “Why am I so bad at Armored Core 6?” “How can I kick off my streaming career?” or even “What’s the most effective way to express my disappointment in a game update without resorting to caps-lock?” You can even ask Aria to write you a custom character bio for Baldur’s Gate or give you the rundown on the latest seasonal update in Diablo IV. 

If you love hotkeys, you’re also getting a brand new command line that allows you to hit the ctrl+ / (Win) or the cmd+ / (Mac) keyboard shortcut to display an overlay and interact with Aria. Whenever a question comes to mind, just use the command line to ask Aria a question and either interact with the browser AI’s response immediately in the sidebar, or go back to browsing.

Aria comes all hooked up to Opera’s AI Prompts feature that was introduced earlier this year. That means you just need to highlight any text in the browser to instantly summon contextual information and prompts that make you feel like you’re having a conversation with your browser. 

Unlike other browser AI solutions, Aria is a user-controlled experience – you can choose to opt in by opening the browser AI in the sidebar and logging in or signing up for a free Opera account (if you don’t already have one). Aria is now available in more than 180 countries including the EU, in Opera GX for Windows and MacOS. It’s also available in the flagship Opera browser on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.  

In order to use Aria, enable “Early Bird” in settings. The use of Aria in Opera GX is free and only requires a login to your Opera account.

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