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Opera GX unlocks mini games in your browser with Live Wallpapers 

A laptop screen shows a live wallpaper within Opera GX.

Hello fellow gamers!

We’re excited to announce that Opera GX is stepping up its game by introducing Live Wallpapers – a new feature that morphs your browser and your Windows desktop into an interactive game.

Customization is an essential part of the gaming world, and we fully embrace this spirit. Following the successful launch of the browser Mods feature, which let users modify their browser with unique themes, sounds, and shaders, we are taking that personalization to the next level with Live Wallpapers. 

Essentially, these are mini games created using the GameMaker engine. These wallpapers react to your mouse movements in real time, constantly evolving and shifting their appearance based on your actions. With this feature, Opera GX not only gamifies your browsing experience but also your entire Windows desktop environment. 

Spanning a collection of over 50 live wallpapers created by the community and GX team, all Live Wallpapers displayed within the are free to download.

Additionally, to celebrate the launch of the feature and the fourth birthday of Opera GX, the team made a Mod specifically designed for American YouTuber and personality MrBeast. MrBeast will reveal his unique Live Wallpaper live via his YouTube gaming channel on the 6th of July.

Opera GX’s Live Wallpapers are accessible to all users across Windows and macOS. Windows users can also modify their operating system wallpaper. To set a Live Wallpaper as your Windows background, join the Early bird program in GX’s settings.

To apply a Live Wallpaper in Windows, you can interact with the Windows tray application and select the wallpaper you wish to set from there. To access Live Wallpapers, simply download Opera GX, head to the GX online store, and install the desired wallpaper.

So, gamers, are you ready to redefine your browsing landscape? The next level starts with Opera GX!

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