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Opera launches “Shake and Win” campaign, offering users across Brazil the chance to win prizes throughout the Carnival month

"Shake and Win" comes to Brazil for Carnival.

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Today we’re thrilled to announce a new “Shake and Win” campaign – or “Chacoalhe & Concorra” to you all in Brazil! The latest iteration of our popular promotion is dedicated to Brazil’s greatest national celebration, Carnival, with over 50,000 Brazilian Reais in prizes headlining the contest.

We’re passionate about bringing joy to our hundreds of millions of users worldwide, which is why we recently celebrated the World Cup with a “Shake and Win” campaign in Africa. Our users responded enthusiastically, shaking their phones millions of times throughout the month and winning hundreds of thousands of prizes. We know just how important Carnival is for Brazilians, and we’re looking forward to getting in on the action with thousands of prizes on offer every day for the whole month!

“Shake & Win” Campaign 

“Shake and Win” will go live in Brazil on February 1st and remain available until March 1st, helping you stay in the festive spirit the whole month long. Everyone can celebrate Carnival with daily chances to take home prizes, including cash or shopping vouchers from the retailer Shopee. Either will help you purchase just about whatever you’ll need for the month, whether that’s glitter, confetti, and costumes, or maybe some items for around the house to help you stay cozy. You can also download Carnival-themed wallpapers to get even further into the spirit of the season.

You can access the “Shake and Win” campaign starting February 1st, from either Opera for Android via the floating button on the browser start page, or by visiting the official  website of the contest. Once there, you’ll be invited to shake your phone for a chance to win a puzzle piece. Collect six individual puzzle pieces for a chance to win a prize! You’ll be allowed at least one shake a day, but you’ll be awarded more free shakes for every friend who joins in the fun by downloading Opera for Android – so spread the word, and increase your chances of winning!

Opera mobile browsers 

You’ll be able to participate in the “Shake and Win” campaign via Opera for Android and Opera Mini mobile browsers. 

Opera for Android is our flagship mobile browser. The platform twins power with security, enabling users to explore the web with greater speed and safety. Opera for Android is additionally packed with user-friendly features, such as built-in free VPN and VPN Pro services, a native cryptowallet, as well as a built-in ad-blocker.

Opera Mini is Opera for Android’s small and fast relative, which can help you save up to 90% data with features like Data Compression. Opera Mini also supports offline file sharing and has a built-in ad-blocker, making it a secure, flexible, and speedy option for users seeking to save as much data as possible. Last but not least, football fans will enjoy integrated livescores on Opera Mini, helping you follow all the important developments. 

To join the Carnival celebrations with Opera, download Opera for Android or Opera Mini for free from the Google Play Store.

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