4 ways to stay safe online thanks to your mobile browser

As the internet changes, hackers are setting more and more advanced traps for internet users. Is your smartphone prepared to deal with them? Your choice of mobile browser really matters. We’ve prepared a list of the top 4 must-have mobile browser features that’ll boost your phone’s security and keep your personal data safe.

Aside from choosing the right mobile browser, what can you do to improve your mobile device security? 

Foremost, to avoid many threats, carefully check the websites you enter – don’t click on suspicious links, always check that the site has an active SSL certificate (the padlock next to the address bar), and share your personal information wisely & only when absolutely necessary. While in most cases these three simple steps will protect you, some of what some people do to get your data is not visible at first glance. There are companies tracking your behavior online, but also hackers ready to wipe your account at any moment.

Even if you are careful online, is your mobile browser safe enough to protect your device and identity while surfing the internet?

Malicious code injected into a website, ads that lead to dangerous sites, trackers following your every virtual step – you may not even know that the debit card information you recently entered in an online store has been stolen. Fortunately, mobile apps and browsers developers are doing their best to stay one step ahead of hackers. Here are 4 useful (and free!) mobile browser features that keep you safe while surfing the web.

Free VPN

Where to find it?

Opera Browser, Tor Browser, AVG Browser

Especially when you use public Wi-Fi networks, your data can be intercepted and viewed. Using a VPN directly in the mobile browser on your phone will help not only to keep your connection secure, but also to save storage space – no need to install additional applications. Just flip the switch and start browsing safely. This way, you protect your online activity from prying eyes because VPN encrypts your data and sends it through secure channels. Opera for Android gives you a free browser VPN while others offer in-app purchases for similar security tools

Built-in Ad blocker

Where to find it?

Opera Browser for Android

Besides the fact that online ads can be disruptive and annoying, they might also contain malvertising. Clicking on an innocent-looking ad can redirect you to a site that contains malware or even spyware, and many ads are designed to be accidentally clicked. You don’t want to click that, much less click it by accident. But why bother? Some mobile browsers can block it for you, so you don’t even see it in the first place. In Opera for mobile, this also speeds up page loading and reduces data usage, so you get security plus a smoother browsing experience.

Cryptojacking protection

Where to find it?

Opera Browser for Android

The world has gone crazy for cryptocurrency. And while most crypto-miners use their own machines, some sites contain malware that makes your phone mine cryptocurrencies for them. This can both damage your device and spread malicious links through your messengers. In 2018, over 60 million Android users were attacked by crypto-miners. Thankfully, there’s no need to install an additional app to browse safely. Opera Browser for Android shields you from cryptojacking’s threat.

Private browsing

Where to find it?

Just about every mobile browser

Normally every browser stores some data on your device, such as your browsing history, saved passwords, and data you enter into input fields – like your address, current location, or credit card information. Most of this data is used for ad targeting, and while autocompleting personal data is convenient, there is the danger of your data falling into the wrong hands. When you browse the internet in private mode, cookies are automatically deleted upon closing your browser. No data is saved, and your personal information stays safe with you. Browsers like Opera Browser for iOS & Android call it Private mode, while others use the term Incognito mode.

Browsers for privacy & security

Since it’s difficult to manage all aspects of your online security yourself, it’s a good idea to install software that will do it for you, and now you can choose from a variety of security features to protect your sensitive data. Don’t worry about mobile apps that are either paid or hungry for your phone’s resources. You can download a secure browser that has multiple features like a free VPN, Ad blocker, private mode, and cryptojacking protection already built-in – and all of it for free. Both Opera Browser for iOS and Opera Browser for Android provide most of these cybersecurity tools within one browser app so you can browse the internet without worrying about your privacy.

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