Hello everyone,

Today we wanted to let you know that we are changing the commenting mechanism on Opera Blogs. What this means in practice is that we are replacing the former solution with a new commenting system that utilizes the Opera forums.

From now on, in addition to the usual comments section underneath the blog posts, you will be able to participate in the discussion directly on the Opera Forums. Moreover, blog posts on similar topics (like subsequent builds of a particular Opera version) can share the same comments thread – which means less noise and more productive discussions. If a similar question arises among people across different blog posts, we will also be able to direct you to an existing thread on the Opera Forums where your question might have already been answered.

This means you’ll be able to access the answers you need and comment at any time, joining our vast community at Opera Forums. To get started and add a comment, simply log in using your existing Opera account or create a free one.

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