Opera for Android 46 comes with themes and night mode

The Opera for Android team has been busy adding a lot of new things for you in the latest version. We listen to comments and suggestions from our users, and we know that personalization and customization are valued.


We are happy to announce themes! Now you can browse with your own style. Tweak the color theme and join the dark side, or the light… or enjoy the classic Opera red. You’ll find these themes in Settings.

Night mode

Reading content is mostly what a web browser is about. Now, it will be even more convenient to read late at night. Experience less eyestrain and more comfortable reading in the dark with the new night mode, which is easily accessible from the main menu.

Private tabs notification

If you are using our private tabs to keep some things to yourself, there will now be a small ghost as a reminder of these open private tabs in the notification tray. Tapping this notification will close all your private tabs.


Copy, paste and QR-code scanning

Want to copy or paste a web address? This is now available with one tap from the address bar.

There is now also a QR code scanner. Just tap the icon found in the right side of the address bar instead of manually entering the address.


Oh, and upon request from our users, you can now turn off trending searches suggestions if you don’t like seeing them. You will find this option in Settings.

Thanks for using Opera! Please let us know what you think in the comments below. We are already at work on the next release. Stay tuned and happy browsing! // The Opera for Android Team


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