Warning: iPhone X scam. Fake: “FREE Apple iPhone X Visitor Browser Opinion Survey” competition

We are currently observing many websites claiming that your browser developer (or your Internet connection provider) has chosen you (or your IP address) to complete a survey, provide personal information or buy some gadgets to win a free iPhone.

Unfortunately, this is a scam. These websites are in no way related to the companies mentioned, including ours. Like other Internet companies, we are trying hard to suppress such websites by blocking them in our browsers. The fake websites are created and multiplied in many variations and it is very difficult for us to block them all automatically.   

You can help us by reporting these websites to the Netcraft database, which is one of Opera’s information sources for our built-in fraud and malware protection mechanism (https://toolbar.netcraft.com/report_url).

How do I protect myself from scams?

Before participating in giveaways on the Internet or clicking on pop-up messages that encourage you to win something, make sure to check the website’s URL in the browser address bar carefully and ensure that the giveaway is actually run by the company mentioned in the message. Take a look at the example below and look for the black part of the text:

The website is not apple.com, but rather com-freegift-programme.com, so it isn’t a competition run by Apple.

There are also many good articles on this topic:

Stay safe!

Opera Team

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