Follow news sources you like with RSS reader in Opera

Follow news sources you like with RSS reader in Opera

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Want more personalized content on your browser?
Opera for computers has RSS support for its personalized news reader.RSS reader in the Opera browser to follow news

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is a web format used to serve regularly changing content. If a website you like has an RSS feed, you can add it into your reader and stay up-to-date with new articles without even navigating to the website itself. RSS feeds are typically used for news websites, blogs and podcasts.

If you’re interested in general tech news, I would suggest you subscribe to Mashable and the Verge. Advantages of using an RSS reader are that you no longer have to visit individual websites separately to get updates, and you will no longer miss out on the latest news or the newest episodes of your favorite podcasts.

The new RSS reader in Opera

Now, you can decide which news should appear in your RSS-based feed.

To use the RSS reader, all you have to do is to enter the news menu, click “+ add sources” and paste the URL into the search field. Once recognized as a valid source, it will be added to the newsreader. The feed can either be read in a timeline or stacked view.

How to set up the RSS Reader in Opera

Personal news right in your browser

The personalized news feed in Opera can help you get the latest news right in your browser. You can choose between your local news outlets and news from other countries. Decide whether you want to receive news about  entertainment, technology, travel and more. Only interested in the top news? No problem. The “Top 50” section will provide you with the 50 most recently trending stories of the day. In one of our previous posts, you can learn more on how to set up the personalized newsreader right in your Opera browser.

Follow news sources you like with RSS reader in Opera

Download Opera & let us know what you think about the added RSS support. Which sources did you decide to add?


Here are some more extras for you: Smart RSS and RSS detector are two of the most popular RSS extension of the Opera browser. Make sure to test them as well 🙂

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