Browser games – five games to check out

Girl playing browser game

Need a break from work or some fun at home? Check out browser games – they don’t need installation and all you need is an internet connection! I chose five games that I liked that are simple and easy to get into.

Girl playing browser game

Two tips before you start playing browser games

Check that your Opera browser has the latest version, so that you’re up to date with the latest technology improvements. Also, if you are using the built-in ad blocker in Opera, I would recommend turning it off while playing as it can affect some game performance. To disable it, click on the blue ad blocker icon next to the address bar and toggle the switch.

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Mindless fun: Lux Ahoy

First browser game up is Lux Ahoy. It is the perfect pick if you just wanna disconnect from life for a few moments – it’s simple, fun and really doesn’t require much brain power. The gameplay is pretty similar to Angry Birds, but you get to be a pirate instead. So, go ahead and fire cannonballs and sink the ships!

Play Lux Ahoy in the browser

Simple adventure: A Grain of Truth

If you’re more of a point-and-click gamer type, A Grain of Truth will get you going. Enjoy a good adventure and excellent graphics in this browser game.

Play A Grain of Truth in the Opera browser

Need 4 speed? Get going with HexGL

If speed equals fun, then HexGL is probably a good choice for you. In this futuristic browser game, you can speed up and drive your spaceship car insane!

Play HexGL in the Opera browser

Multiplayer browser games

Perhaps you had plans to call or Skype a friend tonight? Why not ask her to play a browser game instead? The fun is, with Cube Slam, you can kill three birds with one stone: you get to play, talk and see your friend all at the same time. All you have to do is create a new game, share the link with your friend, allow access to your webcam and microphone and you’re good to go!

Play Cube Slam in the Opera browser

Back to the 80s: Bomber Arena

Remember Bomberman? Maybe not. Anyways, it’s one of the classic browser games from the early gaming era of the 80s. Bomber Arena is a remake with simple 3D graphics and lots of new, fun action. Share the url with a friend to compete in the same arena. Remember to keep an eye on the scoreboard – you don’t want your friend to win! Create a group chat on Skype or Talky and watch their reactions as you blow them up, just like the old days! No login required.

Play Bomber Arena in the Opera browser

How to find more browser games

If you want more fun games to play, here are some articles with additional recommendations on popular, good-quality browser games from the last few years:

Hope you enjoy the browser games from my shortlist! Please leave a comment below if you want to recommend other fun games to our readers 🙂

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