Keen on checking your Wi-Fi security and getting more online content with a free VPN for Android? Head over to Google Play today and get our newest app, Opera VPN for Android. It has no data limits and requires neither a log-in nor a subscription.
Link to get Opera VPN, free and unlimited VPN app for Android, in Google Play
If you have an iPhone, you can also get Opera VPN for iOS.

Opera VPN for Android: Supported virtual locations for more online content

This free VPN app for Android lets you choose from five server locations: USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore and The Netherlands.

Opera VPN for Android: Wi-Fi security test tool for online privacy

The Wi-Fi test tool will scan the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to. If the test tool detects any weaknesses, it will advise you to enable the VPN.

The test tool gives a score from A, which means the network is secure, to F, which means the network is insecure and you should proceed with extra caution.

It also checks whether the Wi-Fi network is public or private, if it’s encrypted, how many other devices share the same connection, if the IP address and the location are exposed, and if others can monitor or sniff your device details.

Opera VPN for Android: Let Olaf the Viking guide you through the app

Why have a Viking? Head of SurfEasy, Opera’s VPN division, Chris Houston, explains: “We have incorporated a Viking in the app. The Vikings didn’t care about borders, and they sure weren’t afraid of public Wi-Fi! And with the right tools, they stayed safe. The Opera VPN app can help unlock online borders and is the closest thing to a Viking shield today’s mobile users have for virtual self-protection.”

Once you’ve downloaded our free VPN app, you’ll see how easy it is to navigate the app with Olaf guiding you through.

Enjoy getting more out of your Android device with Opera VPN app? Tell us what you think about it. Ping us with a comment below or tweet us. We’ll be glad to get your feedback.

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  • Great job. I’m using it as mine main VPN on iOS right now, so that I’ll use it on Android too.

    • VeraLB

      Glad you’re enjoying it, @pacoesni:disqus I have both iOS and Android, too and Olaf is awesome 🙂

  • David

    I’m sorry, and maybe I’m the only one but what is the difference between Opera VPN and Opera Max, do I need both or can I delete one now. Really think it needs explaining???

    • VeraLB

      Hi @davidchallinor:disqus, I use both. I have Opera Max to save data and manage my Android apps (I save a lot from Snapchat, Instagram and Skype). I use Opera VPN for changing IP ads and I especially like its WiFi security test function.

      There are things that overlap, yes, but I keep both because I use them in different ways. Hope this clears things up for you.

      • David

        Thank very much for your fast reply, I understand now. I will keep both and experiment with Opera VPN… best of both worlds. Love Opera 🙂

  • Finally opera has bring vpn service for android users thats so nice and yes now i am also using it and loving it.
    Thanks opera.
    Love you

    • VeraLB

      Thanks, @manhar_sodhi:disqus Passing on your feedback to the team.

  • Omar Nadeem

    I just downloaded opera VPN on my Samsung galaxy Note 7 and when I finish the setup to accept permissions I tap on got it and it keeps loading and nothing happens after that I tried to allow permissions for storage on settings but still nothin.

    • Hmh79

      Same problem, galaxy note 5 and nvidia tablet
      Just keep loading, not connecting at all

    • Saket Kumar

      same here dude.not working on my moto g4 plus either

      • Sherlock

        same problem with my moto g4 plus…hope they will fix it in the next update…

  • why not build one app that mainly focus as VPN with unlimited, have data compression feature and could block ads? the combination of Opera VPN, Opera Max and Opera Browser. would be great if it happen. can’t wait to see it.

    • Ruth_opera

      That would be one huuuuge app 😛 and possibly so great that the mobile universe would implode around it. But seriously though yes that sounds very cool haha. Thanks for checking out our apps and for the support!

      • xirit64

        You have already a product that has it all like Yoshi said, Opera desktop browser, the know how is there, just do it 🙂

  • Why is this free ? What do you respond to this ?

    • Ruth_opera

      It’s free because we think everyone should have access to this kind of service 🙂 We can keep it a free app because of the ads you sometimes see within the app. Any data collection is based on a no log system and the teams behind the app wrote a more detailed blog post which talks about it

      • “Any data collection is based on a no log system”

        In the blog post :

        “The other way Opera makes money is by collecting anonymous data about how people use their mobile device.”

  • PPTP, L2TP or IPSec support?

  • Felix Omondi

    So should we uninstall Opera Max? I really had hoped you bake this VPN feature into Opera Max.

    • Ruth_opera

      Hey Felix, we have separate apps that are built for different purposes and the type of service you want. If you’re interested in the data compression and managing other apps data then I think Opera Max is still really useful for that 🙂

      • tinkicker

        I understand that Max and VPN accomplish two different things, but it’s not a strange thing to want to save data AND use a virtual private network. Is there any way to use the two apps simultaneously?

  • ga_pechorin

    this is very opportune for me because i know people who is going abroad to work and this is exactly what they need, but a pair of doubts:
    does this work from china?
    are you planning to add more countries (spain)?

    i agree with people who say a max-vpn combo would be great 🙂

    • Philip Au

      It was working for me until yesterday, only had it got a few days. Tunnelbear seems to work still.. reinstalled opera vpn and the app won’t even initialize.

      • ga_pechorin

        too bad to hear 🙁 thank you!

  • Hp Adana

    vpnler bazen işe yarıyor ama genelde kendimizi kandırmış oluyoruz
    arama motorları çoğu zaman bunu fark ediyor herkese iyi günler hp servis adana

  • Kit Yam Tse

    I have Opera Max, Opera VPN and Sufeasy VPN installed on my phone/tablet. However, they can’t be used simultaneously. I think I should remove some of them from my device…

  • Lone Wülf Eigenbrötler

    worked absolutely awesome between my two mobile carriers and on my rented home’s wifi but won’t let me get on the web with my in-laws’ wifi….
    they must hate me lol

  • David

    I am really loving Opera VPN and the Safety and Security it gives me browsing the web. It is very easy to set up and use, and great! when it actually reminds you with a notification that you might like to use VPN whilst browsing, really cool that! I use Opera Max when I need protection and DATA SAVINGS! usually on mobile data… And now Opera VPN on WiFi when data allowance doesn’t matter. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!!! Thank you very much Opera 🙂

  • Robi Setiawan

    I still do not understand the use of VPN app, when I saw the website there is always error notification system

  • Your article nice and very informative I found my new knowledge thank you already want shering

  • Which cipher are you using for encryption ? 🙂

  • ArjanS

    opera.vpn size 46Mb! A bit big for a vpn app isn’t it?

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  • Is it based on OpenVPN or just from scratch ? Which encryption do you use ?

  • tinkicker

    I guess no VPN for me because Max allows me to stop background data use, plus restrict the Android apps that I don’t use but which I can’t disable on my phone. I don’t want to do without that ever.

    Looking for an app which does both VPN and data restriction.

  • Renan

    Whats the difference between OperaMax and OperaVPN? Why not all resources in only one app?

  • Earn To Die

    Opera has bring vpn service for android users.
    Thats so good. Thanks

  • Privyet Tovarish

    When is this finally coming to the desktop? It’s been a while since you guys announced doing this.

  • yenividyo.
  • Eva Stains

    Great news. It’s good to know that this vpn will be free. I get used to Hola free vpn that I found on . I hope opera vpn will not disappoint me.

  • William Griffin

    It is great that opera VPN app is free for android OS but at the same time, It is a big problem for users because nobody knows who else is using the same server or IP address and for which purpose, usually, hackers occupied these safe spaces for unauthorized activities. I’m sure opera might have a planned for the future but right now it is necessary to use best VPN app for android to encrypt your internet traffic.

  • Fajar Lewang

    that is great, but are opera vpn support PPTP, L2TP or IPSec?

  • Opera’s Free VPN is powered by SurfEasy a Canadian VPN company which can not keep it away from NSA surveillance, so privacy is the cost you pay to use the so called Free Opera VPN for all the devices.

  • Farms

    Opera’s VPN is really good just wish a couple of more countries were added UK being one of them.