Want to bring more personal style into your mobile browser? Do that with Opera Mini! Let me tell you more about its custom themes and other personalization options.
Link to get Opera Mini browser for Android in Google Play

1. Custom themes

A great way to customize your browser is with color themes! Choose your favorite color to make it visible over Opera Mini’s top bar, “data savings” menu and tabs area background.

image: color themes in opera mini

If it’s your first time installing Opera Mini on your Android phone then you will be prompted to choose your preferred color scheme. On the other hand, if you already have the latest version of this ad blocking mobile browser, change its color in “settings” under the “O” menu, tap “theme” and select a different color scheme from the palette.

2. Choose your language

There’s a great chance that this data-saving mobile browser speaks the same language as you! The Opera Mini user interface language is set according to the language on your device. But, you can easily change it in the settings menu. Choose from the list of 90 languages, including 13 Indian languages: Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu languages have been preinstalled in Opera Mini.

image: custom mobile browser - choose your language

3. Choose the text size

Text too small? No problem. We got everything you need to personalize your browser. Look for the “Text size” feature under “Page layout” in the settings menu. Choose “large” for the font size and stop squinting your eyes! 😉

4. Choose Opera Mini’s design

We just took how to personalize your browser to a whole new level. Choose the way in which you want your Opera Mini to be displayed! Go to Settings under the “O” menu, and tap on “App layout”.

There you can choose between:

Phone: To maximize the viewing of websites in your screen

Classic: For easy, one-handed navigation

Tablet: For efficient tab switching


Which of these features do you like most? Have you uploaded a custom theme yet?

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  • Nico

    Will Opera Mobile for Android also get the Custom Themes? It’s lacking behind in regards of design. Thank you a lot in advance for your answer!

    • Jacqueline S.

      Hey Nico! Thank you for your comment 🙂 We’re currently testing a lot of new things for Opera for Android and we really appreciate getting feedback! I’m passing it directly on to the team. Cheers!

  • hokie fans

    Opera Mini user here. 1 very needed change if you please. Need a way to change the default search engine. Many do not want to use Google and would like say option to change search as in the Opera browser, if you please

    • Javier Bastardo

      I would also like the option to add additional search engines and set my own default search engine, please.

      • Jacqueline S.

        Noted that Javier 🙂 Thank you for letting us know how we can improve! I’ll let the team know about this.

    • Jacqueline S.

      Hi hokie, if you tap on the G icon next to the search bar, a drop down list will show with other options. Which search engine would you like to see? I’m passing your request on to the team 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Mini!

      • hokie fans

        Jacqueline – If I am understanding you correctly, pressing on the google “G” brings up the following search options. Wikipedia, eBay and Amazon. I would like to see at least the same that exist in the desktop version of Opera. Those being Google, Yahoo!, Bing and possibly DuckDuckGo (for those worried about privacy). thanks.

        • Jacqueline S.

          Hey hokie are you using Opera Mini or Opera for Android? In Opera Mini DuckDuckGo it’s available, as well as Google, Wikipedia and IMDb. Whilst options in Opera for Android are Yahoo, Amazon, Dictionary.com, eBay, IMDb and Wikipedia (Google too). Thank you for your detail feedback! I’ll let the team know. You can also try adding your favorite search engine to your device home screen, like a shortcut 🙂

          • hokie fans

            I am not on android. I am on IOS. Any chance to make Opera Mini (IOS) with more “popular” searches like the android version. Google, Yahoo!, Bing and possibly DuckDuckGo.

          • xirit64

            Duckduckgo is missing in Opera Mini beta though, should we expect a change in the near future?

          • Jacqueline S.

            Hi xirit64, if you are talking about this new beta we’ve just released then swipe down to search, long press the “G” icon to see more search engine options. There you’ll find DuckDuckGo 🙂

          • xirit64

            Not sure if we mean the same lol as nothing happens here. I am referring to Opera Mini 19 beta for Android that was released August 9th. When I tap on the G drop down icon there’s only Google and Wikipedia. Installed on a J5 Samsung smartphone with Lollipop 5.1.1

          • Jacqueline S.

            Haha hokie was talking about iOS so I thought you were asking about this beta :p Can you please double check if you have the latest beta version? We released an update last Wednesday (24th). If you do the same, tap on the G icon, you’ll find DuckDuckGo as one of the options there. Let me know if that helped 🙂

          • xirit64

            I have the latest of the 24th build 107171 and no it’s not there 🙂 Maybe someone else could confirm it or not but in my case it’s not showing. But it doesn’t matter, I’m using the stable version anyway and since you say it will be included I don’t have to worry (yet :p )

          • Jacqueline S.

            Hey xirit64, I’ve investigated this and the search options varies according to your location. Please stay tuned! I’ve passed your request on to the team. Thank you for your support!

          • xirit64

            It’s there now with the latest update of today 🙂 Looking forward now to those other things 🙂

  • We can see a theme using HTML errors in w3 validator but how we can solve this error in wordpress theme?

    • Jacqueline S.

      Hey vücut, can you give me some more details? Are you having issues loading wordpress themes in Mini?

      • so I do not know how to fix these errors with our site html html validator comes out I say a lot of errors encountered by the scan on my site WordPress site infrastructure.

        • Jacqueline S.

          Just to clarify, are you getting an html error message when trying to load WordPress in Opera Mini? If so can you please try loading WordPress in a different browser? If you get the same error message, most likely it’s an issue with the website and not the browser 🙂

  • David

    I would really like to see a true dark theme, not just the address bar. For those who don’t use speed dials when you open the app you are presented with a
    BRIGHT WHITE screen. Even with speed dials the BRIGHT WHITE background looks terrible. Having a plain black background would emphasise the UI and merge with the phone and make Opera look more classy overall. White kills battery, black saves battery. PLEASE!!! a dark theme / black Mode.

    • Jacqueline S.

      Thanks for such detailed feedback David 🙂 I cannot promise we’ll implement this, but I do can assure you I’m passing your request on to the team! Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts on Mini!

    • I’m praying for it.

  • xirit64

    Please add the following to Mini:

    -the option to completely disable images while on WiFi savings as well, the way it works with extreme savings and not the way it works on Opera for Android which still downloads them but not shows them, wasting precious bandwidth when using WiFi hotspots on a limited MB/GB contract/plan.

    -Text wrap and force enable zoom as in O for Android. (Although it sounds difficult since you are depending on WebView but here’s to hoping anyway :/ )

    • Jacqueline S.

      Hey xirit64, thank you for your comment! You can disable images in Opera Mini 🙂 Just go to the O menu, tap on Data savings (you can also find it in Settings) then look for images under “Data savings features”. There you can choose the quality of the images or not loading them at all.

      Text wrap is also a feature you can fin in Opera Mini! Look for it in Settings / Page layout / Text wrap.

      Hope I helped and that you enjoyed reading our post 🙂

      • xirit64

        Hi Jacqueline 🙂 Thanks for your answer however if you read it more carefully I’m talking about disabling images while saving on WiFi is enabled -an entry that doesn’t exist in Mini- but only in Opera for Android, and in Mini’s extreme setting- , and about text wrap I mean the way it works in OfA, you zoom in and out and the text adjusts itself perfectly to the screen with only scrolling down and up needed (like the Justify paragraph formatting in Word), while in Mini it just gets bigger and the rest is cropped from the screen and you have to dance around with your fingers to read it all. Cheers and thanks again for reading.

        • Jacqueline S.

          Hey xirit64 sorry I misunderstood, I see what you mean now. When extreme mode is off, Opera Mini is even more optimized for images and videos and you can still save up to 50% data. I’ll pass your feedback on to the team, though 🙂 And regarding text wrap, thanks for letting us know! I’m talking to the team right now to investigate further. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

          • xirit64

            Thanks . Only thing I have to add is that by cutting off images you don’t even need to compress 🙂

  • Jacqueline S.

    Hey Supplie, thanks for your comment! I see it’s a popular request and I’m passing each one of them to the team 🙂 Please stay tuned!

  • Guys, I have a doubt… I feel like old opera mini is much fast than the latest Opera version in android devices. Is it true ?
    Just checked with following websites,
    Almost all sites takes lot of time to load in Opera for android. .

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