In memory of Opera pioneer Per Hedbor

It is with deep sorrow that we share that our close Opera colleague, Per Hedbor, has passed away.

We have lost a valued colleague, a brilliant mind, a good friend, a true internet pioneer and the main developer behind the Opera Mini servers.

Per HedborPer started in Opera back in 2002 in our office in Linköping, Sweden. He built things no one else was able to build and solved problems that no one else managed to solve. Already in 1993, prior to joining the Opera team, Per had set up the very first web server in Sweden. With his 14 extremely productive years in Opera, it’s impossible to grasp the massive footprint Per has made in our minds, source code, company and in the global world of software.

Per will be deeply missed, and our warmest thoughts and condolences go out to his closest family and friends.

Thank you, Per, for your contributions to Opera and the web. It has been honor to know you and a privilege to work alongside you.

Per Hedbor with his team at Opera

Per Hedbor with his team at Opera


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