On Thursday, we released a developer version of Opera for computers with built-in VPN. But, what is a VPN exactly?  

VPN stands for “virtual private network”. It creates a private, encrypted connection between your computer and the remote VPN server, making it harder for websites to track you online.

What is a VPN

Think about the following: how many times have you been out at a café and the first thing you do, even before ordering, is to connect to the Wi-Fi?

Being connected at all times, no matter where we are, is part of our daily lives. But, while most of us wouldn’t download software from an unknown website, when it comes to using public Wi-Fi, we are not always as careful.

Should I use a VPN?

Whether you’re tech-savvy or just new to the web, a VPN can help you in different ways:

#1 For better privacy

A VPN enhances your online privacy by keeping your personal communications more secure, especially useful when surfing on public Wi-Fi networks. It also makes it harder for sites to track you online.

#2 For greater access

By replacing your IP address with a virtual one, a VPN can help you access your favorite online content more easily.

How to choose the best VPN for you?

There are many options out there, mostly with a paid subscription model and limited data transfer allowance. It’s best to choose a provider you trust.

If you love Opera, you can try our new free, built-in VPN in the developer version of the Opera browser for computers. We think it’s a nifty addition to the browser, and we hope you like it, too.

Download the developer version of Opera for computers today and let us know your feedback in the comments!

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  • Ed Dale

    About time very nice hope it is not cost any money to have it or it is waist of integration for me,

  • x a

    In essence what you describe is not the unique characteristic of a VPN. A VPN virtually constitutes a *private* network – it allows to connect two or more sections of an *intranet* over public networks using tunneling techniques.

    If one end of the tunnel is less an other cluster of an intranet you’re in, but rather only a gateway / exit node to the internet, then we have, what is marketed as VPN, but actually is providing and proxying through an exit node (which happens to use VPN infrastructure).

  • Jaycee Hart

    I’m now able to use VPN, but still it can’t open the web which is banned. Now I wanna know about Rocket Optimizer, can it be DL or what?

  • Wallace Souza

    In the newest version of Opera the VPN mode is restricted to Private Windows. There is no way to use VPN in normal mode now? I want the previous version 🙁

  • Moh

    amazing !