Enabling our browser sync feature is super helpful and really easy. If you have several devices that have the Opera browser installed, you don’t have to worry about losing track of interesting websites when you switch devices.

So, what does sync mean in Opera? With Opera, you can sync your Speed Dials, bookmarks, tabs and more, depending on the device you are using.                            Image: sync bookmarks

How to synchronize:

Step 1: Sign in to or create your Opera account

Is it the first time you are using the browser? If so, you’ll see a little mannequin icon to the right of your search and address bar. Click on it and sign in for an Opera account.

If you are using Opera on a computer for quite some time already, go the Opera menu and select Synchronize to sign up for or create a new Opera account. You only need a valid email address and a password of your choice. Click  Sign in and make sure you get a confirmation.

Now, you can start importing bookmarks from other browser and syncing your favorite websites across your devices.

Step 2: Sign in on another device

If you have Opera on your phone or tablet, tap the “O” button, then tap Settings, and you will be asked to sign into Opera and use the same account details. You now have all your bookmarks wrapped in their original folders on your device. From there, go to your Speed Dial and tap Bookmarks to find them.

You can use your account to sync as many devices as you like, as long as you are signed in with the same account.

If you sign out, your synced data will remain on the device.

What is synced?

Opera for computers

If you are using Opera for computers, you are able to sync your:

  • Bookmarks (across your desktop and mobile devices)
  • History (across your desktop and mobile devices)
  • Tabs (across your desktop and mobile devices)
  • Speed Dials across your desktop and mobile devices.
  • Settings and passwords (between Opera on computers)

In Opera for Android you are able to sync your bookmarks, tabs, Speed Dials and browser history.

In Opera Mini for Android, you can sync bookmarks, open tabs and Speed Dials.

All our iOS users who use Opera Mini on either their iPhones or iPads will be able to sync their bookmarks, tabs and Speed Dials.

That’s it – it’s easy and simple. So, now that you know what “sync” means in Opera, make sure that you never miss out on your favorite content again!

If you have more sync questions, make sure to check out our Sync FAQ or don’t hesitate to contact us on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below!

Happy syncing!


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  • Nekomajin43

    Can you specify what settings are synced?

    • Rosi Opera

      Hey, so I have talked to our desktop team and they gave me a list of the settings that are synced. I hope this will answer your question 🙂

      Activation Order Tab Cycling
      Confirm To Quit Enabled (Mac only)
      Experimental Speed Dial Big Thumbnails
      Experimental Speed Dial Column Count
      Experimental Speed Dial Thumbnail Height
      Experimental Speed Dial Thumbnail Width
      Lazy Session Loading
      Mouse Gestures Enabled
      Mouse Gestures User Already Notified
      Number Of Additional Tabs Loaded Lazily
      Preload Discover
      Private Mode Welcome Page Enabled
      Quick Access Bar Visible
      Quick Search UI Mode
      Rocker Gestures Enabled
      Show Full URL
      Show Tab Preview
      Speed Dial Big Thumbnails
      Speed Dial Column Count
      Speed Dial Disable Animations
      Speed Dial Hide Search Box
      Speed Dial Thumbnail Height
      Speed Dial Thumbnail Width
      Tab Menu Button Has Been Shown
      Tab Menu Enabled
      Tab Preview Show Inactive Delay
      Tab Top Spacing Disabled
      Turbo Show Learn More
      Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts Enabled

      • Nekomajin43

        Thank you!

      • Thanks Rosi!

        Are there any plans to enable password export? Be great so we can use password managers like KeePass or KeeWeb.

        Or am I missing an already existing feature?

        Much appreciated.

  • Rj Navendu Kumar

    the opera sync is not working like opera link still duplication of book mark are there if u dont reset sync what the use of such big updates

  • Thanks for the list of synced settings, much appreciated


  • Shubham Goel

    Will there be an option to sync extensions as well?

    • Martin Zugec

      Using multiple computers and multiple extensions, it’s really hard for me to recommend Opera without extensions sync 🙁

  • Refalm

    This is awesome, but I’m still reluctant to use Opera on my phone because there’s no adblocker built-in 🙁