Introducing Paper Products from Opera


After 20 years of developing successful browsers and apps that have been part of the lives of millions of people on the iOS/MAC, Android, Windows and Linux platforms, Opera is glad to announce that we are now expanding onto a new platform: paper.

Introducing Paper Products

Paper Products is a new line of technology that embraces simplicity, minimalism and environment friendliness.


Prototypes of the products have been made in the form of laptops, desktop computers and mobile phones, with built-in Opera browsers, computer mice and other  accessories.

Building on Opera’s core technologies

Paper Products embraces the key technologies that Opera has developed over the years, for example bookmark syncing. Check out how easy it is!


Paper Products Business Premium

This version has been designed especially with business-oriented lifestyles and work in mind. Here’s Deepesh, the Head of Paper Products, using Paper Products at work:


Win a Paper Products trial

Our Paper Products line is still in testing mode, but  we will gladly mail the current product samples we have for you to try and give us feedback! Comment below if you would like to enter.





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