Looking for a Google Chrome alternative?

The new update of Chrome no longer supports Windows XP and Windows Vista. This means that if you are on either of these platforms, the Chrome browser you are using will not get bug fixes or security updates.

According to Netmarketshare’s figures, 10.9% of all computer users use Windows XP OS, while 1.4 percent still use Vista. This means that over 12% of all desktop users should take action to make sure they’re using a secure browser.

Chrome alternative: Opera for computers

The Chrome alternative you choose should be one that provides security updates for older versions of Windows. There are several browsers out there worth trying, but among major browsers only Opera for computers will continue to bring bug fixes and security updates to XP and Windows Vista users to ensure people stay safe when browsing online.

Some time ago, Mozilla also announced that Firefox would no longer work with some versions of Windows XP. Read their article here. Opera is one of the alternatives they recommend.

Another key advantage is that Opera runs on older machines and brings you extra features, such as the data-saving Opera Turbo mode, visual bookmarks and sidebar extensions.

How to import bookmarks and other settings

Migrating to Opera from another browser is really easy. When you run it for the first time, you’ll be prompted to automatically import your bookmarks and other settings from Google Chrome.

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  • Spideymang

    good alternative, thanks Slawomir and Opera team for the update and news!!

  • Ryan

    Latest version of Firefox is still supported on Windows XP with SP3

  • Yogesh

    use opera

  • Yaddle

    U2F with Yubikey still doesn’t work with Opera… have to keep chrome v49 on XP for now. 🙁

  • My opinion, Beginner like use Windows XP.

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  • Cameron Rogers

    So now Opera isn’t even supported. What a drastic change from two months ago! Opera no longer works on ANY version of XP.

    • 2 weeks ago installed 36 version of Opera, works fine.

  • Dul Jailani

    but opera no’t compatible with internet download manager

  • Wil Bremers

    Here https://www.opera.com/docs/changelogs/unified/3700/ Opera states it will no longer ad functionality but it will provide security updates for Opera 36 for windows XP. How come no updates are released after May 4 while it is now already August 2016?

  • ngọc ánh nguyễn

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  • Ramon Vargas

    Thank you guys for keeping the support on Windows XP, I hate being force out of my computer. I have XP 64Bit with 3 GB of Ram and it works great and fast with XP. Tried Windows 7, computer slow, my programs don’t work on Linux.

  • Salwc2k

    Just tried downloading Opera onto my Desktop PC (I’m still using windows XP sp3 64) and the download doesn’t even start up. Looks like Opera no longer supports XP.

  • Standa Pé

    SRWare Iron is my best browser like Chrome 🙂

  • bamboo

    Damn it!

  • Dorothy Gale

    I dumped Chrome and replaced it with Firefox anyway…. Chrome is such a memory pig… and the more tabs you open, the more memory it gobbles like a pig, and will thrash your hard drive to death. You can open far more tabs with Firefox. Although Chrome may be a bit faster at rendering webpages than Firefox, that is less important as CPU cycles are less at a premium than the finite resource of memory.

    And if you create several dozen dummy Firefox profiles using profile manager, you can open more than one instance of Firefox… so if any one of them dies, it doesn’t bring down all your tabs. Its not elegant, but ti works.

    Even on Windows 7, I’ve phased out Chrome, and for the bulk of my tabs open, they are all Firefox x32 (the x64 version does not share the same memory thriftiness of the x32 version, so avoid it). Hard to imagine I’d go back to an old browser, as the best of breed… but that’s the reality. All chart tests show, Firefox x32 is the absolute thriftiest when it comes to memory usage….

  • Brave_Droid_Helen

    When I run OperaSetUp.exe on Windows XP… it doesn’t nothing. No errors… no warnings…. no install…. nothing.

    Needless to say…. we’ll avoid Opera.

  • Capwinder

    Downloaded Opera and everything was OK until I wanted to access my bookmarks from firefox. Although opera said it had imported them, they were NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! I mean WTF! This is the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever seen. Where are the bookmarks? Who Knows! Why aren’t they just a click away? Who Knows! After twenty minutes I removed this garbage from my machine. Go ahead and install it, you’ll see what I mean and then you can remove this POS.