Last week, we released the new developer version of Opera for computers with the ad-blocking feature on board. If you enable it, you can speed up webpage loading times by up to 90%.

At Opera, we are used to massive downloads and lots of feedback, but since we launched this latest version, we were truly amazed by the number of people immediately falling in love with the new feature. While we knew there is a strong interest for faster browsers, the super positive feedback made our day.

Since last Thursday, we’ve seen a strong response to our integrated ad-blocking technology – not only among our users, but also from developers and media around the world.

We’ve loved seeing and sharing your screenshots of how much faster you are seeing sites load!

Let’s not stop now! Keep giving us your feedback to help us make the integrated adblocker an even better, more useful feature when it hits the final, stable version of Opera for computers.

Also, please keep sharing your experiences of your speedy page loading with our new ad-blocking feature.

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