Last week, we released the new developer version of Opera for computers with the ad-blocking feature on board. If you enable it, you can speed up webpage loading times by up to 90%.

At Opera, we are used to massive downloads and lots of feedback, but since we launched this latest version, we were truly amazed by the number of people immediately falling in love with the new feature. While we knew there is a strong interest for faster browsers, the super positive feedback made our day.

Since last Thursday, we’ve seen a strong response to our integrated ad-blocking technology – not only among our users, but also from developers and media around the world.

We’ve loved seeing and sharing your screenshots of how much faster you are seeing sites load!

Let’s not stop now! Keep giving us your feedback to help us make the integrated adblocker an even better, more useful feature when it hits the final, stable version of Opera for computers.

Also, please keep sharing your experiences of your speedy page loading with our new ad-blocking feature.

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  • NoName

    I have done some testing vs. uBlock Origin (With only EasyList + EasyPrivacy enabled. DOM changed disabled).

    A simple page WITHOUT any ads take 65ms of total loadtime with uBlock, 32ms with Opera native blocking. Each HTTP request is way faster now, which is nice.

    • BK

      Nice, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • on Polish websites ads are still visible in some cases (example: even when adblocking is enabled. I understand it’s a matter of adding some blocking filters like it’s done in uBlock?

    • Vux777

      maybe is whitelisted
      did you check on settings page under basic (at the bottom, manage exceptions for adblocker)?

      • first thing I did after installing Opera dev was removing all the whitelisted sites. 😉 nothing there right now.

        I assume it’s because adblocking engine in Opera is using specific filters which don’t include Polish websites.

        • Vux777

          yea, I just test it…at least 2 adds are shown (fat banners)

        • x a

          It uses well known EasyList and EasyPrivacy, as stated on the Developers’ blog.

          • yeah, I thought so, I just couldn’t remember if I actually read it on the blog or was it just my imagination. 😉 that’s why it would be great to be able to add other filters than EasyList.

  • x a

    On a hypothetical page with 100% ad content, you probably achieve a speed gain of ”up to“ about 100%! #nonesensenumbers

    • Jaiba Mon

      That’s not how percentages works. A 100% speed gain means the page loads twice as fast.

  • Jaiba Mon

    Congratz! Keep improving the user experience and Opera will be greater!

    It’s incredible how you guys can make a better Chromium based browser than Chrome itself.

    • Slawek Sochaj

      Thanks for a good word! Stay tuned for even better user experience.

    • jedy123


  • Jiji.S

    For the last 5 years i am using only opera browser. but now i hate this browser. always crashing. From today onwards i cannot type anything in the browser(ex. Google search, capthcha etc….). i can type only in the address bar. this message i typed in the notepad and paste it here. i hate it. sometimes the opera windows will close only after so many times click on the close button. thanks. i hate it. today onwards i will use chrome. i am fed up thats why i am sending this message.

    • Kornelia

      Hi, we’re sorry to hear that you’ve got problems with using Opera. Can you share some details about operating system you’re using, extensions you’ve got installed etc. so maybe we’ll figure out what’s going on.

      • Jiji.S

        my operating system is Windows 7 64bit professional.extentions installed are adblock,adblock plus,QR code generator,Nimbus screeshot,turn off the lights.and also the speed dial

        • Jaiba Mon

          Are you using two adblock extensions!? Remove one. If you are using Opera Dev Edition, remove both.

          • Jiji.S

            I am using Opera 34.0 version. OK. i will try to remove one ad block. Thanks for your advise.

  • jedy123

    I’ve yet to properly test it out but having an integrated ad blocker is a great addition. The icon in the address bar makes it really easy to disable the ad blocker on sites that are problematic, like on demand streaming sites. I’m by no means a fan of having to install loads of extensions to accomplish particular tasks, so any native features like this are very welcome.

  • Runn

    I’m loving all the attention Opera is having right now. Keep up the good work!

    • Angela Wang

      Thank you so much!

  • it can speed up webpage loading times by up to 90%? for all sites? it’s so cool, I will try it

  • Some ads are still showing on some sites. It would be nice to have a way to “report” or to at least right-click those ads and add them to the built-in ad-blocker. The ad-blocker could then send a report back to the server with those URLs so the Opera Dev team can add or remove sites from the blocklist according to user demand/report.

  • Yohanxo

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  • dwdraw2

    I’ve tried it and loved it. Opera, the best INTERNET experience by far. You won’t be seeing me switch anytime soon.

    IE loads more ads before it loads my address site. Opera just takes me there-period.

    What more could you ask for.

    Have a nice day everyone-I’m going surfing-by for now.

  • I am using Opera 34.0 version. Tank you.

  • I will try it..