Improve knowledge sharing for your team, with the Guru extension for Opera


Information sharing is vital for good teamwork. Yet, according to a report by McKinsey, we spend 20% of our work time looking for information.


In most workplaces, we use various platforms to share assets like product updates, proposals or other important content. Whether it is through portals, Google Drive, cloud storage, or email, sometimes there is so much information being distributed that it can be hard to track and keep everything up to date.

Well, we have a solution for you, right inside the Opera browser for computers: Guru, a knowledge-sharing tool designed to promote teamwork, which has been recently released as an Opera extension.


Guru acts as a storage space where team members can easily add, share and access work information while browsing. It regularly alerts you when you need to update information for accuracy  and suggests contextually relevant information whenever you are searching for something in the knowledge base.

Opera recently had the opportunity to talk to the team at Guru.

Could you tell us about Guru?

Guru helps teams to put their knowledge together, so everyone is on the same page. Our extension for the Opera browser gives you 1-click access without having to change windows.

Guru automatically reminds experts to re-verify their content to ensure it doesn’t get stale or become inaccurate. All content in Guru clearly indicates who verifies its accuracy, the last time it was verified and how often it gets reviewed. Your team will be able to trust the information they find in Guru.

One of the things we like in Guru is that it reminds you to keep information updated. Have you done any research on the optimal time to wait before reminding people to update info?

It varies by topic and process that the topic of the knowledge is associated with.  If you are capturing Product FAQs, and you are on a quarterly release cycle, we recommend setting Guru to prompt verification every 90 days.

Often, you will capture new knowledge in Guru that is still being validated.  Maybe its messaging for how you want your team to talk about a new feature.  This should have more frequent verification (30 days or less), so you can evolve the message as you gather feedback.

A good product is constantly evolving with its users. Which feature have you added after talking to your users?

Yes! Our customers drive a lot of our product changes.  The most recent example was our Card Manager feature.  We saw several customers create upwards of 1,000 cards (pages).  We knew they would need a way to manage all of that content in a scalable way but wanted to better understand what Guru looks like with that amount of content.

After talking to several customers, Card Manager was born.  Now, content can be verified in bulk, so users will save time, and you can see how all content performs.

Thanks for talking to us. It’s great to see that they have now extended their support to Opera browsers!



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