MWC 2016

New Android browser from Opera previews at MWC

Opera Coast is the first browser designed for touch devices. Its winning design has set a new direction for browsing. Since its introduction on iOS, many of its features, like the home screen, full-screen browsing and navigation gestures, inspired other browsers to follow. But, Opera Coast leads the pack with the best experience, simplicity and features.

Now we’re taking this to Android.

Opera Coast for iPhone and iPad was designed to work seamlessly with the Apple iOS experience. Although Android and iOS have grown towards each other user-experience wise, the platforms are quite different under the hood.

The infamous “Android fragmentation” is a huge challenge for performance, especially on visually-heavy apps like Opera Coast. Android runs on many different devices, including slow, small-screen mobile phones. We’ve optimized Opera Coast on its move to Android to make sure our animations run smoothly. After all, our smooth user interface is a key feature of Opera Coast.

We don’t only want Opera Coast to run on expensive hardware, but also on the phones and tablets that many of you actually have at home. When you open Opera Coast on Android, it will feel a bit like starting a cleaner, more pleasant version of your phone. Most aps and content are there, but it is less cluttered and more fun to use.

When will Opera Coast for Android be released?

Perfection takes time 🙂

Opera Coast contains a lot of under-the-hood innovations that seem simple but have complex technology to make them work. For example, our security and web-apps detection are far superior to what other browsers offer, which means more time to develop.

How does Opera Coast for Android differ from the iOS version?

Opera Coast for Android does not have a bottom bar with our iOS version’s familiar three buttons. Android already has a bottom bar; another would make it look cluttered. Instead, we take advantage of your device’s native “back” button. And, to quickly switch sites, find security information or share a page, all you need to do is long tap on any page while you browse.
Also, our Android version uses the Blink rendering engine that Opera co-develops with Google. It’s fast, supports the latest web standards and is optimized by engineers who prioritize performance above all. On iOS, Opera is unfortunately not allowed to use Blink.

Another major difference is that you can actually choose to set Opera Coast as default browser. Go, Android!

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can try out Opera Coast now. It’s free. And if you’re on Android, stay tuned for when we launch Opera Coast for Android. Follow us on your favorite social network to get our latest updates. We’re on Twitter and Facebook.

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