MWC 2016

Web apps to lead the future of the mobile web

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is not just about showcasing what we already have. We’re also looking ahead to what the mobile web will become. That is why, Andreas Bovens, our Product Manager of Opera for Android, is at MWC right now spreading the world about the future of web apps that feel and act like the ones already on your home screen.

Today, in Barcelona, we are showcasing Opera for Android’s new add-to-homescreen feature, which allows you to create your own web apps from your favorite sites. If a site is designed well, these little guys can save a ton of space on your phone.

Are web apps part of that future? We think so. The future is always about improving, and we think web apps have more to contribute than their native counterparts. They offer an equally great experience, take less MB space and don’t drain your battery life. They even work perfectly on devices with little storage space. Not to mention that with web apps you can jump from site to site, in the course of a few seconds, and get more content without installing anything.

We’re excited to see how web apps and other innovative ideas play a role in shaping the mobile web.

What are your predictions for the future of the mobile web? Let us know in the comments. You can keep up all that’s happening at MWC on Twitter. Follow @opera for the latest news.

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