People love using Opera for it’s speed and innovative features. Browsing the web has become a necessity in today’s age and an easy-to-use browser that gives you full control over your browsing habits is better than the one that limits your needs. What do you think makes Opera different from Chrome?

We’ve rounded up four reasons why we use Opera for Android as our default browser.

Better site management

Accessing your favorite  sites at the comfort of your finger tips is one of the great features that Opera for Android gives you. With Opera’s Speed Dial, you can categorize and organize your favorite sites to get to them faster. It’s so quick!

Tap the + entry and type in your favorite site. That’s it. To organize your favorite sites,  just drag and drop them. You can even stack them on top of each other to create groups.   


Save pages to read offline

Do you have limited data and love reading your favorite news portals? With Opera for Android you can read pages offline. Once you have saved your pages, you can switch off your mobile data and enjoy reading without worrying about your limited mobile data plan.

Read Offline

Force sites to give you a better view

61% of mobile web pages do not give you the option to zoom. Opera for Android lets you get around this by giving you the option to force the site to let you zoom, so you can get a better view.

Force Zoom

Easily manage your tabs

With Opera for Android, you can manage both normal and private tabs, add new tabs or reopen previously closed tabs – all in a convenient and scannable gallery. If you have many tabs open, you can simply swipe up to close tabs that you don’t need.


What features do you look at when choosing an internet browser? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on social media – we’re on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

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  • Vendeline Venus

    I think the best from opera you can read offline and zooming for the website..

  • Frenzie

    It would be useful if you could easily open all sites in a stack at once. I tried creating a bookmarks folder to do it, but since that involves long pressing the folder and then going into a menu item I’m pretty much no slower off just opening three to four sites one by one.

    • Katz

      Hi @disqus_ibpO9S1oRP:disqus thanks for the suggestion, we will keep that in mind in the future. 🙂 Kat

  • I often read news at Discovery tab. How about “Save link” in this tab ? I can read title and save the link for read later. Thank you.

  • Steve Hayes

    I’m sold, I want to. But android marshmallow is cheating me.

    Opera is (of course) my default browser (settings -apps-browser)
    Nonetheless when I do a search on my phone and then click on a link the
    web page opens in Google. Not Chrome, Google. The evidence being, well 1
    it isn’t Opera, and 2 if I cascade the windows then this one has the
    multicoloured big G on the top left. There is a menu option to Open in this browser to open the web page in Opera, but fercrissake, if a web page doesn’t open in the default browser then it’s a fault.

    Feels like Google being Evil to me

    Is there a fix?