Mobile payments trends and Opera’s Apps Club

Mobile payments and shopping are increasingly popular for the average mobile user.

App developers, brands, businesses, banks and advertisers are all trying to get your attention. On one hand, this means you’ll see more ads on your mobile phone and tablet. On the other hand, when it’s done right, mobile ads can also be highly relevant and personalized. Acting on these deals is bound to get better, especially in light of new trends in mobile payment.

Mobile payments and shopping are increasingly popular for the average mobile user.

Where are we heading with mobile payments?

We think paying with your mobile phone will only get more affordable in the years to come.

Here’s what we think you will be paying for with your mobile phone:

  • Content & digital goods like news, music, online courses, apps and games
  • Physical goods using apps like Google Express, Amazon Fresh and Instcart
  • Services like Uber, Ola Cab, banking, healthcare, and ways to transfer money and pay bills.

If more people are going to use apps to get the stuff they want, how are they going to get the apps they need? We think we might have an answer.

Opera’s Apps Club – the Netflix of apps

Last year, Bemobi joined the Opera family. Bemobi has a subscription service called Apps Club. Think of it as “the Netflix of Android apps”. We want to make it easier for people who do not have credit cards to purchase the apps they like.

Apps Club by Opera and Bemobi makes mobile payment for apps much easier!

When you subscribe to Bemobi’s Apps Club, you get unlimited access to premium Android apps for a low fee, across categories such as music, games, utilities, kids, health, education and entertainment.

With more and more of you picking up your phone to make purchases, we are looking forward to when we roll out Apps Club globally. Stay tuned to get the news as it happens. You can also follow our Twitter account to get our updates.

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