5 must-have apps to keep your New Year’s resolutions

Having trouble staying motivated and following through your New Year’s resolutions? These apps can help:

New Year's resolutions

Get your list ready

To compile your list of resolutions and document your progress, download an organizer app like Wunderlist. This app allows you add notes to keep track of your daily updates and sends you push notifications and email reminders to help you stay committed to your goals. (Android, iOS)

Manage your budget

Having trouble sticking to a budget? Mint can help. With this personal finance app, you can see your accounts and expenses in real time, set spending limits and get alerts when you have exceeded your budget. It also provides you with handy graphs that show you where your money is going. (Android, iOS)

Keep up at school

If you’re a student who easily forgets assignments or when classes start, try Timetable. With this app, you can save your timetable and all tasks, from homework to exams, and sync it across your Android devices. The app automatically mutes your phone during lessons and sends you reminders about your scheduled tasks and lessons, so you don’t miss any deadlines. (Android)

Control your data spending

Do you run over your data plan allowance every single month? Take control over how much data you use with Opera Max. Not only will this app extend the life of your data plan by up to 50%, but also it will allow you to block apps that consume the most data and set them to work on Wi-Fi only. (Android)

Eat healthier

An easy way to healthier eating is cooking at home and cutting down on your visits to fast-food chains. For inspiration, try Epicurious, an app that provides all kind of recipes with cooking instructions and a shopping-list feature. With categories including healthy snacks and low-calorie mains, it’ll make it easier to maintain a balanced diet. (Android, iOS)

Stay fit

If you want to get in shape after the holidays, there’s a way to do it while having fun. Fitocracy helps you stay motivated by turning exercise into a social game. This app rewards you with points for completing fitness-based tasks, as you compete with your friends. Who will be the best? (Android, iOS)

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2016? Let us know in the comments!

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