Apparently, email isn’t going to die anytime soon. Building on my previous post in this series, “Is email dead?”, I want to share a few practical email tips with you. If you work with email in the browser, here are 4 Opera extensions to simplify things for you.

Manage email with these Opera extensions

Email Shortcuts

You don’t have to keep a tab with your email account page open in Opera all the time. Instead, this extension will keep you up-to-date with any new incoming email. It works with the most popular services, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Live Mail, iCloud Mail and AOL, so it’s especially handy if you have several email accounts.


This extension for the Opera browser will save you time when composing emails, especially if you send a lot of messages of the same type. You can create templates and paste them with keyboard shortcuts. Gorgias supports Gmail,, Yahoo Mail, FastMail, LinkedIn and even Facebook.

Gmail Notifier

When a new message lands in your Gmail inbox, you’ll get an instant notification. You can also preview it without having to open Gmail separately. It supports multiple accounts, too. This one is my personal favorite, since I use Gmail both for work and personal communication.

Gmelius for Gmail

And, here’s one more for Gmail users. With Gmelius, you can customize the look of your mailbox. For example, you can keep just the sender and subject visible, for a cleaner look in the email list. Or, instead of a standard paperclip icon for attachments, you can see icons specific to the file types.

I use email a lot for work, and my inbox really lights up from time to time. However, I think that some carefully selected helpers can keep email a highly useful tool, rather than a distraction.

Want to explore more extensions like these? Just enter “email” in the search box in Opera add-ons catalog. Once you find something you like, just hit “Add to Opera”, and you’re all set.

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  • Online Quran School

    I am going to try this for my Online Quran Classes website.

  • Andrey
    • Ruth_opera

      I use that one too 🙂 Guess the other one (in the blog) is useful if you really want to do quick responses to emails without leaving the page you are on but I like the one you mentioned, bit simpler.

  • Я тоже пробовал их на сайте

  • Pawas

    All of the above mentioned extensions are looking useful. I am going to try Gorgias.

    • Fun Virginian

      Seriously. List extensions that are USEFUL. Write ARTICLES that are USEFUL. These articles are horrible honestly. Has anyone at Opera been reading them or just nodding there head approving them knowing something has been written? I’m sorry to be harsh but if you are going to put up a piece for social media – put up a piece that draws people into your site with a WOW. THIS and other articles fail to do that by multiple factors. Big business mistake (coming from someone who knows this field intimately.) Now for your product – Its years beyond the times – lets keep on track with your extensions for second. There’s two places for extensions configuration; its confusing – there should be one – – not one for getting them and one for managing them. The one for getting makes you think you can find new ones which you can’t. Now lets make a list of the others: 2) Interface is 5-10 years outdated. 3) NO 64 bit 10 Years After the Fact 4) Slower than all the other major browsers at the moment 5) No TRUE anon mode eg TOR 6) Doesn’t Take Advantage of Windows 10 Interface/Features/New Capabilities 7) Nothing sets it apart to make you choose it over the other browsers 8) Its not known by most of the users that choose a browser (needs brand recognition) 9) The signature Icon O is cut off in Windows 10 on the corner and looks like a 1/4 of a Circle 10) Import Data, etc is behind times on browsers it needs to import from. Wheres the export? It should be in same place. Its not. Does it exist? 11) Why is News Stuck in the middle of the menu when it is a content function?? 12) Where are things like Compatibility view settings and Accessibility Options for disabled used?…. Ill stop now. Cant take anymore. Seriously though. Has development on this browser slowed to a crawl or is it dying compared to the others? Has anyone done a feature comparison matrix at your organization? How is your social media effort helping/or hurting that effort? How is your Q/A? Are you standing out with any new features that other products don’t have that the customers are going WOW over? If not WHY? How are you doing on market share? How can you change this for the positive and what is a definitive plan to do so? If you haven’t asked yourself these questions you should be really asking if the right people are in charge. No offense intended in your column Daria, it was just the end of a long line of articles I read from Opera that really made me sad for your company, after looking at your browser in depth, and comparing 4 other browsers.

      • Ruth_opera

        Hey there, I’d really like to answer all your questions one by one (discussing a lot of the points with the teams now) since you’ve taking the time to give your feedback 🙂 Can you please email me at Hopefully I can answers your Qs and happy to take any feedback further, plus if you have any follow up questions we can take it from there where it’s a bit easier to do so. Will keep my eyes open for your email /Ruth

    • Ruth_opera

      Cheers! I haven’t actually tried that one myself, let me know what you think!

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