Meet Opera’s social-media ninjas

Hello! My name is Ruth, here with my fellow social-media ninja Angela. If you follow Opera on Twitter or Facebook, you might have seen our names before:


It’s been a year full of learning but, more than that, it’s been a lot of fun:

Sometimes, it can feel like the internet is a noisy place, so we want to find creative ways of being the everyday link between your feedback and the teams that work to bring you solutions. Sometimes, we even write your messages on the walls of the office to make sure everyone can see what you’ve had to say:

Ruth social media ninja community engagement white board feedback

Why is this important to us?

As someone who has always been cynical of companies’ dealings with social media and “customer service”, I know the importance of us getting it right and doing more to build better, and more genuine, relationships with the people who actually take the time to use our products.

As we go into a new year, we’ll be continuing our conversations with you, because that’s an important part of who we want to be as a company – a supporter of the web and helping people do more on it, by listening to your feedback and talking to you person-to-person.

So, keep it coming! Come say “Hi” on Facebook or Twitter or leave us a comment below. Tell us what you think about our browsers and apps, the web in general or even what you had for breakfast if you feel like sharing.  😉

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