Opera Mini saves African mobile internet users half a billion US$

Mobile internet users in Africa have already saved $500,000,000 over the last 10 months, while using the Opera Mini mobile browser. And at Opera, we continue to bring awesome features like our new video-compression technology on Opera Mini for Android to help you save even more.


More money saved on mobile data

Africans have used 82% less mobile data from January to October 2015, compared to the original size before data compression with Opera Mini.  Our users in Africa enjoy using Opera Mini because of the savings and everyday functionality it offers.

Some of the countries showing big-time savings on mobile data costs from Opera Mini are South Africa, with around $65 million (R 905 million) savings over the ten months, and Nigeria, with a whopping $198 million (N 39.5 billion).

Opera Mini saves across on all mobile platforms

Africa’s number-one mobile browser is compatible with 3,000 mobile phones, so, whether you’re on Android,  Java, Windows Phone or iOS, its data-compression technology can help you keep data costs in check. This explains why Opera Mini is so popular in Africa, which has a healthy mix of people using a variety of phones and platforms.

Data savings look good across all platforms. Overall, Java-based phones saved an average of 88% in mobile data each month, while smartphone users saved about 76%. Android users enjoyed 75% savings and iOS users  saw a 70% decrease in data consumption.

Data compression is a big deal in Africa

According to research, only 50% of Africans can afford more than 20MB of internet data, so with Africans continuing to adopt smartphones that are data hungry, compression technology is becoming increasingly relevant.  

Opera Mini shrinks webpages down to as little as 10% of their original size, reducing data consumption by up to 90%. The data compression also helps render webpages faster, even while roaming, or in places with poor network conditions, making Opera Mini a great companion while on the go.

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