At Opera, leadership means building great teams and helping people work according to their talents and skills.

My name is Erik Möller, and I am the Director of Engineering for Mobile, based in Göteborg, Sweden. I am also an employee-elected member of Opera’s Board of Directors. My teams are the people behind Opera for Android.

Erik Moller directs the engineers team behind the Opera browser for Android

At Opera, we affect the global tech industry

The work we do affects the millions of people browsing with Opera on their Android phones. Our team members, including developers, QA engineers, leaders and designers, understand that Opera for Android is in a unique position to help connect people across the globe.
For me, heading up this group of highly-skilled people entails a commitment that goes beyond traditional leadership — I want to help these talented people to realize their full potential by challenging them and offering them the best opportunities.

In essence, working at Opera means we all have the opportunity to shape the tech industry as a whole, and Opera understands this.

Shape: An Opera leadership program

Our HR team recently created a leadership program called Shape. It is a nine-month program with meetings in different cities around the world, including Oslo, Miami and San Francisco, so far.

I am one of 50 managers, representing all business units and across all offices, who have participated in the Shape program to date.

The program sessions provide the opportunity for a lot of interesting discussions, as well as a great chance to take a step back from our day-to-day work and have time for some introspection, which is something you otherwise can rarely find time for in your busy schedule.

The things I have taken away from the sessions are invaluable, helping me to be a stronger leader. Also, by communicating what we have learned back to my teams, I help to keep everyone on track, supporting Opera’s goals, and feeling more connected to the broader organization.
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  • Syed FaiXan

    Thank You for Such a Wonderful Browser. I have been using Opera for over 2 Years and I must say, Its Amazing!

  • ameertamoor

    It is very fast and easy to use browser. I suggest everyone to use this browser.

  • Nice Article I am Opera user I understand the value of Opera

  • Alanthehat

    Why are you using Disqus on a page on your own site that you can reasonably assume will be visited with Opera Mini?
    Disqus does not work with Opera Mini. At all. No comments shown. No ability to make a comment.
    I am commenting with Dolphin Mini.

    • Alanthehat

      No reason? Is it just to lose customers? You seem to be keen to lose customers.

  • Alanthehat

    Ah, so this story explains why the new version of Opera Mini is broken – an attempt at consistency with Opera Classic.
    With Classic if another app pops over it all the tabs remain, but the [back] function is lost for all of them. Mini goes to the next level – all the tabs are lost too, reverting to a freshly-started state.
    I have re-installed an old version, I hope you tell us if this is ever fixed (for either browser)

    • Ruth_opera

      Hey, this does not sound normal. Have you reported it? If not, please go to ‘report a problem’ in the browser menu so we can chase it up. Thanks /Ruth

      • Alanthehat

        I no longer think you’re worth the effort since you abandoned ‘Link’
        ‘Mini’ seems to be aimed at low-resource & old hardware, the previous version works so I’ll just stick with it.

  • Alanthehat

    What’s the story with Opera Link?
    It has worked just fine for a decade or more, so now you have to dump it?

    • Ruth_opera

      Opera Link has been replaced by Opera sync. Opera Link is an old system we can not longer keep supporting

      • Alanthehat

        I’ve bought new hardware & ended up with Opera 34.0 (no idea which level apart from it’s probably not Mini) from Amazon appstore. It appears to have signed me into ‘Sync’ but my bookmarks & homepage aren’t loaded. The loss of the ‘bookmarks bar’ is particularly frustrating as bookmarklets no longer function.
        Does ‘Sync’ do anything? Link would have given me all of these things. I liked it. It worked. It was easy. It was reliable. ‘Sync’ appears to do nothing. Please bring ‘Link’ back!
        This transition has discarded TWENTY YEARS of ongoing settings & trust.
        Yes, I am disparaging Opera in all my circles over this.
        Yes, I am looking at alternatives.
        Firefox is looking likely for desktop, but I’m struggling for mobile. Can you recommend a browser that’s not going to abandon me after a couple of decades?

        • Ruth_opera

          Hey there, yes that version number sounds like Opera for Android (not Opera Mini). Opera sync should transfer across all your bookmarks, speed dials etc etc so long as you are signed in to both devices for the initial sync.
          However, if you were using Opera Link before there may be another step needed (all Opera Link users should have been sent an email with these instructions to transfer across). If you want, send me your sync log in email address to and we can take a look at your account for you 🙂

          Sorry it’s not been a great experience for you recently, hopefully I can help rectify it

          • Alanthehat

            Hmm, this browser (Opera) seems to have discarded what I was writing…

            Thank you Ruth for not instantly blaming me.

            I have both Mini & Classic on an old Android device logged in to Link using my GMail address which has the same username as here. It is permanently connected to the internet.

            I have just started Opera Classic (v12.10.ADR-1309251104) on the old device (Mini is probably running in the background) then installed a fresh instance of Opera (v35.0.2070.100283 from Google Play) on a new device, logged in to Sync then gone to as in the November email.
            This takes me to a page showing the settings for Sync, with no mention of Link either on the page or on either menu.

            I request again that you bring back Link because after it’s first year or so it’s been reliable.

          • Ruth_opera

            Hey, let’s hope i can help. Sounds like you didn’t receive the email information about migrating your Opera Link data to the new sync which I’m sorry about.

            If I understand the situation correctly what you might be able to do is (If you’re is using the latest version of mini 7 on the old device), you can install the latest Mini (14) on the old device and get some of the info from old mini imported to the new mini (this happens automatically). Then sign in to sync on the new mini on the old device, and get his stuff synced to the new device.

            Hope my explanation makes sense! If not, let me know and I’ll try a new step by step. You can also contact me via email on if that’s easier.

            Thanks again

          • Alanthehat

            i have Opera Mini v7.5.33361 on the old device (HTC Wildfire S). The next post on here describes my experience of attempting to update. I’m pretty certain that I logged in on that attempt but nothing has transferred.
            I am dubious of attempting another update.