What’s the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Even before the shopping season of December rolls in, Thanksgiving in the USA ushers in two of the biggest shopping days in the end of this month – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Headlines are going to buzz about them, because they have become major online events in many other countries outside the United States.

Stay tuned for more blog posts with info on the best deals and shopping tips. Meanwhile, let’s explore the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

What's the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

What is Black Friday and when is it?

Black Friday comes on the fourth Friday of November, right after the U.S. Thanksgiving Day in the, kicking off the Christmas shopping season. This year it falls on November 27.

It originated with big U.S. retailers in the early 2000s, with tempting sales and longer working hours in brick-and-mortar stores. But, later, it expanded far beyond the United States. Black Friday is now common in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Scandinavia, South Africa and France, among other countries.

Then, Black Friday got picked up virtually, and it took off by a massive scale. For example, last year Amazon alone was selling 64 items per second on Black Friday.

What is Cyber Monday and when is it?

Cyber Monday comes with its own special deals, three days after Black Friday. So, mark November 30 on your calendar this year.

Cyber Monday is also a U.S. invention, which later spread internationally, but, unlike Black Friday, it’s always been an online event only. This means no waiting in lines (or among mobs, as the case may be), and all goods delivered straight to your door. But, the most important distinction is that Black Friday and Cyber Monday feature different kinds of best deals.

What are the best deals on Black Friday?

Black Friday is considered the best day to buy electronics, with great deals on computers, TVs, gaming systems and smartphones from the biggest retailers. Also, it’s a great time to shop for home appliances. Have a look at this infographic from DealNews based on past years’ deals to learn more about Black Friday specialties.

What are the best deals on Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday, on the other hand, focuses more on clothing, shoes and accessories. You can also get good deals on non-physical purchases like travel bookings. Often, the “Cyber Monday” deals actually last for the entire week. In comparison to Black Friday, Cyber Monday is supported by many smaller retailers, so you can find something special not available in the big-box stores.

To get a head start on the best deals, I’d recommend that you start following shopping sites on social media, if you aren’t already, or sign up for their newsletters, and bookmark them in Opera in advance. And, whenever you’re getting ready to shop online, remember these simple tips for safe cyber shopping.

Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday a thing in your country? Do you plan some shopping around those dates? I definitely do.

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