When you’re browsing on your computer, how many tabs do you have open at the same time?

I have 24 open right now, and I thought I’d be considered a “web multitasker”. However, my count is not even close to Ronin’s who tweeted this screenshot with 99 tabs opened in Opera for computers:

But, another guy, Levent, beats both Ronin and me, having over 100 tabs open, including a tab for email, so he could send us this screenshot:

100+ tabs open in Opera browser

“There were so many that I had to measure them with my pencil, 20 by 20”

So, can there be too many browser tabs to handle? Let’s take a look at 7 features in Opera for computers that will help you manage them more easily.

Preview Opera tabs

How it helps: You can find “the needle in a haystack”, that is, a given page among many tabs, by quickly scanning through the tab previews.

How to use: First, go to Opera settings and check the box Show tab previews under User interface. Then, just hover your cursor over a tab to see a snapshot of its contents.

Cycle through tabs

How it helps: It’s another quick way to find a desired tab among many.

How to use: Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Tab to switch between previews of the open pages and just let go of the keys when you find what you need. If you want to cycle tabs in the order you recently used them, tick the checkbox for it in Opera settings under User interface.

Check tab menu

How it helps: You can find a tab by name, retrieve accidentally closed tabs and access open tabs from your other devices.

How to use: You can access Opera’s tab menu by clicking on the icon on the right side of the tab bar or with the shortcut Ctrl+M.

Sync open tabs

How it helps: You can pick up where you left off on another computer or mobile, no matter how many sites you’ve been browsing.

How to use: Just sign in to your Opera account (or create one) to sync your browsing data, including tabs, across your devices.

Pin the most important tabs

How it helps: You can prioritize the most important tabs and make sure you don’t accidentally close them.

How to use: Right-click (or Ctrl+click) a tab and choose Pin tab. A pinned tab will automatically move to the left of the bar, and you won’t be able to close it unless you unpin it.

Save tabs into a Speed Dial folder

How it helps: You can organize important sites to access them later easily. Personally, I often use this feature when I’m looking for info on a particular topic.

How to use: Right-click anywhere on the tab bar and choose Save Tabs as Speed Dial Folder. Voilà, you can access them now from Opera’s start page, anytime.

Load background tabs later

How it helps: This makes Opera start faster, if you set it to remember where you left off at the previous browsing session.

How to use: First, check the box Show advanced settings in Opera settings. Then, enable the option Delay loading of background tabs under On startup. When you restart Opera, it will only preload the active tab.

Are you a “tabaholic”? How many Opera tabs do you have open right now?

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  • Krasen Ivanov

    Great article! I knew I am not the only one with over 30 tabs open at anytime 🙂

    • Opera can handle that! My 24 tabs do look humble though compared to your numbers 🙂

  • Kev87

    Nice blogpost!. Near perfect how we can handle with lots of open tabs. The only two things that are still missing since the engine switch are tab stacking and the mouse gesture right-click+scroll, to browse through open tabs.

  • Mikko Ikäheimonen

    Option to remove close button would be nice. More space for tab picture and title.

    • Mikko, at first I got a bit confused, but then I realized – it’s one of the UI details where Opera for Windows and Opera for Mac are different. I’m on Mac. Here the “x” appears in the place of the favicon only when I hover over the tab.

      • Vux777

        on wins only if selected (and many of them)

      • Rafał Nowak

        This is a cool feature. I use it in Firefox (with an addon) and I miss it in Opera.

  • xirit64

    Save tabs into a Speed Dial folder is not really helpful when you have items from the same domain, you can’t distinguish them. It should save thumbnails, not urls.
    Also the list of closed tabs is awfully small, 10 items is too little. I preferred the previous list in the O menu, or the full list of Opera Presto.

    • bengtl

      But it does save them in the order the tabs were in the browser. And earlier, when thumbnails were saved it was horrendously slow. Now, at least it’s practical to save tabs and quit the browser.

      • xirit64

        “save tabs and quit the browser.” you ‘ve said it all , haha. That’s how good it is. http://postimg.org/image/pgi8i27yd/full/

        • bengtl

          I wasn’t joking. Sometimes there’s reason for saving your state and quitting the browser. Doing backups, for example.

    • Like tiles on a bathroom wall I guess? I agree it’s not that convenient when you have many pages from one domain. For now, the workaround would be to change a page’s thumbnail through the heart menu. But I’ll bring it up to devs’ attention.

      • xirit64

        There is no workaround like this when it contradicts the feature itself 🙂
        There should be an option about gradually generating the sites’ thumbnails in the background using the same mechanism of “delay of loading tabs in the background” somehow.

      • xirit64

        There is no workaround like this when it contradicts the feature itself 🙂

        There should be an option about gradually generating the sites’ thumbnails in the background using the same mechanism of “delay of loading tabs in the background” somehow, covered as an option in the settings for those that need that kind of functionality (with an informative description if you like about how “it takes more time than the default”)

  • On an older Opera Pretso version 10 build (Opera alpha version) https://twitter.com/Chasapple/status/508097247951605761 (I was trying to see if I could get it to crash, no luck 🙂

    A few years ago I had 175 tabs in 25 windows with under 1GB of Ram usage

    Edit: I also used https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/tab-counter/ (has not been updated for the Opera w/ blink 🙁 )

  • pedrojuan

    I did not wanted to upgrade!!!!!!!! You forced the upgrade and erased all of my data, WHY??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    And there was no warning of the consequence of upgrading.

  • King Fisher

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  • Dember Javier

    well, I miss to close the tabs with two clicks