Opera’s Engineering team meets up on the French Riviera

Over 350 million of people all over the world use Opera to get online. You see these apps everyday on your phone and laptop or desktop computers — Opera Mini, Opera for computers, Opera for Android, Opera Max, Opera Coast, among others.

As you can imagine, we have hundreds of developers, interaction designers and QA testers behind these apps, as well as the folks who keep the infrastructure humming along so you can download things smoothly, find out more about our products and be able to use Opera in your language.

Engineering Seminar 2015

These folks work together virtually from their offices in different parts of the world, including Poland, Norway, Sweden, France, USA, India and Japan.

But, once a year or so, the whole gang gets to meet up in person. This time it was in Opio, a small town in beautiful Provence, right next to Cannes, on the French Riviera.

These meetups are a vital chance for the different teams to convene, share knowledge and exchange ideas. It is the perfect time to review what we do and come up with improvements to our products or even dream up new ones.

One of the topics we covered is the compression technology in the Opera browsers. Compressing data or shrinking the size of text, webpages and videos before they land on a phone is one of our focus features, because it not only gives people using Opera a better online experience, it will help get the next billion users in the world online.

I learned a lot from being in the same place as all the brilliant minds behind Opera. I am personally looking forward to future rollouts of even better improvements in our compression technology.

You can always join our discussions, as we share different announcements and stories by commenting on this blog, or ping us on Twitter. See you! 🙂

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