Opera is the fastest browser in a recent test

PC World, one of the world’s leading technology publications, recently took a more in-depth look at the top 5 web browsers for computers: Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. To choose the best web browser of 2015, they compared such important factors as ease of use, efficiency and speed. 

For their “real-world” browser speed test PC World editors picked a selection of 30 different websites, such as Amazon or CNN. To find the fastest browser, they opened these pages in new tabs one after another – just like we naturally do when we surf – and checked how long it takes different browsers to load the pages. 

So, who won?

According to this test, it was Opera that performed as the fastest browser. During the experiment, Opera 31 with no Flash loaded pages in just 1.64 sec. With a Flash plug-in, it required only 2.21 sec to open a page. It’s faster than Google Chrome 44 (1.8 sec and 2.33 sec, respectively), and much faster than Firefox 39 (2.6 sec. and 5.59 sec).

Opera named the fastest browser in a 2015 test

1.64 sec! That’s pretty quick! 

Speed is one of our top priorities, and we constantly add improvements to make your surfing experience in Opera a breeze.

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