Bring Opera’s start page to life with animated themes

Animated themes in Opera browser

Opera for computers is a really flexible web browser with plenty of customization options. You can add more functionality to it with various extensions and more style with browser themes. Here’s a new way to add more fun: now you can bring Opera’s start page to life with animated themes.

Animated themes in Opera browser

Here are some of them from Opera’s add-ons catalog:

This one might warm up Opera on a rainy autumn day: 

My Speed Dial icons look really good with this background:

Where cats are, there’s always fun (get this theme here): 


To set a theme you like, just click the Add to Opera. New themes regularly appear in the catalog, so keep an eye on the latest additions in the Animated category.

Our engineers paid a lot of attention to making this feature lightweight. So, animated themes shouldn’t give your computer a hard time. Don’t hesitate to try them out!

Are you a tech-savvy user up for some experimenting? You can try to create your own animated theme by following this step-by-step guide from our developers.

What’s on your Opera’s start page today?

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