Connecting the unconnected has always been one of our key missions.

With the introduction of compression technology in our products, millions of people have been able to access the web and get faster internet even in challenging network conditions, such as 2G networks or crowded Wi-Fi connections.

Our colleagues in China did the extreme to test using Opera via mobile network only. At a thousand feet above the sky.

Take a look:

Browse the web in the sky!

This testing was not easy.

The internet connection was via the network from one of the mobile operators on the ground, not through the Wi-Fi network provided on the plane. The participants were required to browse the web after jumping out of the plane from a height of 13,000 feet, to test the quality of the web browsing with the Opera Turbo compression mode enabled. There were cameras filming the whole process.

We also had to make sure that the phone was secured in such a way that would keep it from being blown away, yet positioned so that the tester could complete the task of browsing the web during the sky jump. The whole process was recorded by a Go-Pro camera.

How was it?

“My phone’s signal wasn’t strong at 10,000 feet. The pictures were all loaded in a blink with Opera Turbo enabled,” our tester reports. “I opened a couple of webpages and went to several sites. I did not expect I would manage to read several pieces of technology news on and when I was hanging in the sky! My friend who works at Pingwest said that I might be the first one to have accessed the site at this altitude.”

This is also the first of its kind of testing for Opera.

What do you think about this video? Share your comments below. And, remember, whether you get online from the tallest mountain, a Pacific island or any other unexpected place, Opera’s mobile browsers are always at your service to make your internet experience better.

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  • i can’t keep a phone at 13000 ft :S is my web site about driver course equipment.

  • catup

    Actually, opera mini is much slower than other browsers like firefox, slik in the US.

  • petkov

    Actually, opera mini is much slower than other browsers like firefox, slik in the US.

    • Angelo Winters

      In my pc, no. Opera is better than Firefox and Chrome.

      • Peko Wan

        Thanks! Glad to hear that. 🙂

    • Peko Wan

      The speed will vary based on different condition of the network. Try “High” if you are on 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi network and let me know what you think 🙂

  • Lacedaemon

    Nothing like watching my facebook while I skydive… humanity is on the right track…

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  • WebReflection

    I love Opera but as a skydiver with a licence, and not someone who just did a tandem, I found this video embarrassing. Keep your phone switched off and look at the sky around to avoid collisions with possible other sky-divers, focus on where is the drop-zone, be always vigilant and enjoy the beauty of the sky and the planet earth, not only a 50 seconds free fall. Keep your procrastinating activities for the time you are bored somewhere else and with your feet on the ground. This video it’s basically telling people it’s OK to drive while you check your FB profile or anything else or, even worst, there’s nothing to enjoy when you do a sky-diving tandem. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t its first one or, if it was, it sadden me on a whole new level. Blue skies everyone, and Best regards.