News this week: Wi-Fi assist on iOS 9 beta

Tech news this week: Wi-Fi assist on iOS 9 beta

Tech news this week: Wi-Fi assist on iOS 9 beta
Wi-Fi assist on iPhone, iPad

If you’re on iOS 8 and don’t want your internet experience to lag, the new OS version coming soon may just have a solution for you.

9to5Mac reports that the iOS 9 beta that’s available for developers includes a Wi-Fi assist feature. This feature allows your iOS device to detect when Wi-Fi is bad and shifts the connection to mobile data. You can also opt to turn this feature off from Settings.

When it comes to iOS browsing, two of our browser choices already come with our compression technology. Text, images and videos are shrunk when you’re in a bad connection, which makes browsing faster.

You have three choices of compression on Opera Mini for iOS, depending on your preferred web experience. This year, Opera Turbo compression was also added to Opera Coast.

Satellite images of the far side of the moon

Here are a few images from space to end the week. 🙂

NASA has released a video showing a view of the moon transiting the Earth. The video is composed of satellite images of the moon taken by the DSCOVR satellite in July from a million miles away. Take a look:

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