Productivity extensions for Opera


Did you know you can write emails more efficiently, manage a to-do list and perform many other tasks in your Opera browser, to help you meet deadlines at work?

Customize Opera with the following productivity extensions, and you will find yourself getting more stuff done, faster.


productivity extension 1Compose emails faster with Gorgias

Sending and receiving emails can sometimes leave you feeling swamped. To prevent email chaos, try the time-saving Gorgias extension, which enables you to create your own snippets and templates to use when composing emails. For example, if you always start your emails with “Dear …”, with Gorgias, you can set a shortcut to start new email messages with that phrasing, automatically.

icon_64x64-1 Understand more with Instant Translate

If you work in a global team with an international user base like ours at Opera, you know how much you rely on tools like Google Translate. The Instant Translate extension is an excellent way to get page translations fast, and it provides more than textual translations. You can, for example, listen to the translation, look up synonyms, browse your history of translations, and so on.

productivity extension 3 Lock down dates and to-dos with Spot

A great productivity tool, the Spot extension helps you to do two important tasks without leaving your Opera browser: it can turn events from around the web or email into calendar events; it also allows you to schedule or put tasks on a simple to-do lists. You can also easily share reminders from the extension simply by copying and sending a link to the deadline.

productivity extension 4 Make and edit screenshots with Page Capture

It’s easy to forget about time management for the small stuff in your work day. You probably already know how to take a screenshot in a split second, but have you thought about the effort needed to find the screenshot and drag it back to the browser? Well, with this extension, all the commands are wrapped up in one. Click to capture, resize, add text, highlight and paste a screenshot. All the small stuff can add up – with the Page Capture extension, it is that much easier to meet those deadlines for your reports!

Any more ideas on how to increase productivity? Share your tips with us, below.

For more productivity tools, browse the extensions category of the add-ons catalog and discover how you can do more with the Opera browser!


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