Young business leaders impacting lives in South Africa

Over 2,000 students across 26 universities in South Africa have gathered  to share and discuss the impact they have in their communities.

It’s my 7th year as an Enactus member, and this annual gathering is always an important part of my year.

Enactus is an international, non-profitable organization that spans 36 countries. We are a community of over 70,000 students who are supported by educators and business leaders and are committed to improving the world through entrepreneurial action, because, together, we’re stronger.

“When we compete to improve lives, we all win”

During this yearly gathering, each university presents projects to a panel of leading business representatives serving as judges in a friendly competition. Each local team goes on to represent its respective country in the final worldwide competition, to be hosted in South Africa this year.

Partnerships forged via Enactus have a lasting impact on both the communities and workplaces. A great example is a project implemented by one of the leading mining companies in South Africa and the Vaal University of Technology.

A series of workshops were conducted  for a year to provide business skills to various suppliers of the mining company; the project impacted over 150 employees across 14 companies.

In all activities with Enactus and our partners, the internet plays a crucial role in connecting people and getting more people involved. This includes accessibility to mobile internet services such as e-learning and m-commerce.

A connected society

As a proud alumni of Enactus, and now working for Opera, I can see more and more the importance of a connected world. For me, internet access is undoubtedly a universal right. And, we need to continue helping to get the rest of the world online.

Making it easier for more people to get onto the internet will enable them truly to be a part of our connected economy, lives and world.

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