4 ways Opera can help you get back to school

Summer’s over and so is the fun. However, going back to school doesn’t have to mean there’ll be too much drudgery, if you have the right tools. Here are four ways Opera can help you get back into the swing of things:

Back to school

Browse faster

If you study at the library or do your homework from a coffeehouse, the Wi-Fi network might be overloaded and your internet will feel super slow. Speed up your connection using the Opera browser. Thanks to Opera Turbo, the Opera browser will load pages more quickly and you can get your homework finished faster. Using your phone? Opera Mini can also help.

Budget your data

If your budget is between low and non-existent after the summer, keeping an eye in your phone bill can be a smart move. Opera Max gives you full control over your data usage and extends your data plan by up to 50% for free, saving you the frustration of running over your data allowance before the end of the month.

Bookmark pages for later

Opera for computers has taken bookmarks to the next level. Not only you can bookmark the sites you want to visit later in a visual way, but you can also sort them into folders. Now, organizing your research for an assignment can be as easy as saving all your references into a folder and quickly scanning to find exactly what you need.

Sync your browsing

As a student, you probably connect to the internet from many devices: your phone, your laptop, your college’s computers or even a friend’s tablet. With the sync features on Opera, you can access your bookmarks, Speed Dial and open tabs across all your devices. Continue at home where you left it off at school.

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