We all want the most of what our mobile phones can offer, from games and pictures to functional and practical applications. But, how do we exactly find the best Android apps in Google Play?

Look for the Top Developer badge

We’re really proud that Google Play has awarded Opera Software the honorable top-developer badge. These badges are presented to “established, respected developers for their commitment to launching high-quality and innovative apps”. The Google Play editorial staff doesn’t give these out easily and they are reserved for only the most-trusted developers.

Look for that blue icon next to the application. That’s the badge that indicates a top developer.
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Read the app permissions

That little screen that pops up before installing an app (that most of us just swipe away) provides a list of what the app will have access to once accepted. It’s important to read and try to scrutinize why an app needs certain permissions. If anything seems untoward, do not tap the accept button.

Check the star ratings!

If you knew a hotel that you were planning to stay in had a one-star rating on TripAdvisor, what are the chances you’d stay there? In the same vein, why not check what star ratings that apps have before you download? The closer to five stars they have, the higher the chances that they are quality. But, don’t stop there. Search around online and check out some other real-world reviews.

In many countries, including Nigeria, India and Indonesia, Opera apps are among the top-20 most popular apps in Google Play, competing with other global brands such as Facebook, Skype and Twitter. We love that you love our products and we also love it when you give us feedback on what we’re doing right and what we could improve on. So, keep talking to us and always take some precautions to find the best Android apps in Google Play!

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