News this week: Reddit, Comic-Con,Tech that saves battery life

Reddit CEO stepping down

In a post by Reddit board member Sam Altman, it was announced that Ellen Pao is stepping down. Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman will return as CEO.

Trouble began in the popular online message board when one of its employees, Victoria Taylor, was fired. Following this incident, moderators began closing the biggest Reddit forums and called for the resignation of Pao.

New tech that saves battery life

Engadget reports that a research team from Hanyang University in Korea has developed a solution to extends the battery life of smartphones. They’re calling it WALDIO or Write Ahead Logging Direct IO. The team is currently in California to present their study.

You can also read about a test by Cigniti which shows Opera Mini consumes 14% less battery compared to other mobile browsers.

YouTuber makes fun Jurassic World parody

YouTuber Hozza2’s parody of Jurassic World is on its way to going viral. As of this writing, it now has over 970 thousand views. Will it hit 1 million soon? Check it out:

Comic-Con 2015

The biggest convention for enthusiasts of comic books, anime, superhero movies and manga has officially kicked off this week. If you’re not in San Diego and want to follow the happenings of Comic-Con 2015, here are a few sites for live updates:
Entertainment Weekly’s live blog
IGN’s live coverage
– Marvel’s livestream
Comic-Con 2015 updated from Wired

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