opera max update feedback app android managementWe at Opera love your feedback. It’s part of what helps us innovate, create, and grow. That’s why when you request new features, we listen. Opera Max rolled out today with a handful of new and improved features, tackling top requests from our users. Make sure you check out the all new Opera Max app update and let us know what you think!

App-management improvements

Get more control and do more with your data with a split-savings level setting. Now, you can set different savings levels for Wi-Fi and mobile usage, separately.

We added an All-time section. You can now see how much total data you used and saved for as long as you’ve had Opera Max.

We also added a new Savings tab in App Blocking section. With it, you can exclude specific apps from using Opera Max savings and get granular control over which apps eat up your data.

Aesthetic and functional design improvements

To make your experience more seamless, we focused on streamlining the look and feel of Opera Max. We upgraded Opera Max’s summary cards to use Google’s native “material design” aesthetic. It should help you recognize whether you are viewing your mobile or Wi-Fi timeline at a glance.

opera max app management update androidIn addition, we added new toggle controls for disabling specific apps from savings, mobile or Wi-Fi usage. Tap on any app card in the timeline to view details for that app. There you will find the new app-blocking widget.

Last but not least, we fixed some issues with our traditional Chinese translations.

If you haven’t already, make sure to download Opera Max, give it a spin and let us know what you think in the comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter. We’re always listening for your feedback!

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  • Kyli Rouge
  • Hux Bear

    Awesome! I had to uninstall the app because it blocked me from sending or receiving MMS msgs when enabled & it’s one thing to disable an app to SEND an MMS but who the heck knows every time they’re going to RECEIVE one? I can reinstall OperaMax again!Yay!! 😀 I just remove my messaging app from the data-savings, I assume? 🙂

  • great article thanks for sharing


  • muratservan

    Damn I wish I saw this on Windows Phone market. Hotspot released VPN app for WP. Could Opera be?

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  • Cyrus Mutungi

    Its a nice app that will account for your data

  • we asked about supporting extensions for (Opera for Android) a lot and for years, but nothing happened and i am still facing start-up crash (Pressing Continue) for more than a month without fixing, i hope u guys listen to us and improve it too 🙂

  • Great artikel. Thanks..

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  • profesyonel fotoğrafçı: To make my experience more seamless, I focused on streamlining the look and feel of Opera Max.

  • Düğün fotoğrafçısı ankara I had to uninstall the app because it blocked me from sending or receiving MMS msgs when enabled

  • Zoltan Hawryluk

    Thanks for the great app! There is just one thing I would do to improve it. A dialogue used
    to appear when the phone rebooted that asked if I wanted to connect. I
    remember there was a “do not show again” checkbox, and I *may* have
    clicked it by accident (not sure). In any event, the problem now is
    that it doesn’t do this anymore, and now when I reboot, I forget to reconnect manually,
    which results in wasted data. Can you allow me to undo this or re-enable this dialogue when I reboot if you totally removed it from the app? I want
    this feature back!

  • Rigz

    Can we get a scheduler, to switch off data on intervals