Windows 10 has officially rolled out, and Opera for computers is working well on this new system.

While Windows 10 comes with new features and an improved look and feel, it also comes with some settings that can be tricky to change, such as your default apps. When it comes to changing your default browser, there are several ways you can do this on Windows 10. I’ll walk you through two of them.

How to set your default browser on Windows 10 from the Start menu:

  1. From the Start menu, open Settings and select System.
  2. Select Default apps from the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to Web browser. If you haven’t already made changes, Microsoft Edge will appear here.
  4. Click the default browser option and choose Opera Internet Browser.

That’s it! You have now successfully changed your default browser on Windows 10 to Opera.

How to set your default browser on Windows 10 from Opera settings:

Many of you are used to setting Opera as default through your browser settings. You can still do this. Just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you’ve downloaded Opera for computers.
  2. Once you’ve done that, open your Settings and click Browser.
  3. Select Make Opera my default browser under Default Browser.

Set Opera as default browser on Windows 10

Windows 10 will then display a pop-up window describing additional steps to change the browser in their system settings. (You will be forced to close out of this window before opening your system settings.) Then, will need to follow the four steps from the first section of this post, that is: Start menu -> Settings -> System -> Default apps -> Web browser.

A better solution coming soon

We understand this process takes some extra time and clicks. So, we are working on a better solution that will take you directly to the “Default apps” page in your system settings. Stay tuned to see this feature in the stable release.

Let us know how you’ve enjoyed browsing with Opera so far on Windows 10!

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  • thanks a lot kendraa …. love to see : you guyz are up to date with Windows 10

  • Cryio

    Can’t wait for Opera to be better adapted for Windows 10.

  • Daniele Francesco Santamaria

    Opera Browser is not shown in the list, any help ?

    • Daniele Francesco Santamaria

      I have resolved useing “Set default by app”. Opera is now the default browser despite Internet Explorer is shown as default

      • Frank

        my hero!

  • Burs

    There’s no “Make Opera my default browser” option in the Settings. Just the Import button. I also don’t see Opera in dropdown selection for default browser in windows settings. I guess it’s because I did a portable installation, but anyway – a little bit inconvenient. Any other way? It already became tiresome for me copy-pasting links from Edge to Opera every time I navigate from some other app. Please sort this out somehow.

    • Henning Klemme

      how to make Opera portable show up in dropdown selection for default browser! on portable install.

      install opera normal and usb portable
      rename “opera normal folder”
      MKLink /D “opera normal folder” “opera USB install folder”

      how to use MKlink

      • Burs

        Thanks for the tip! I managed to make my portable version used as default browser. But I think linking folders is not necessary. I just renamed portable folder, then installed normal version, and after setting opera as default I deleted folder for normal version, and in the end rename portable folder back to what it was before. That way it works too. Quick and easy fix!

  • duşakabin : Let us know how you’ve enjoyed browsing with Opera so far on Windows 10!

  • gschloff55

    ALL of of your above suggestions did not work. When I open Opera, I get this: This webpage is not available. Every single time.

  • Henning Klemme

    r-click a html file, open whith > choose another app …..
    scroll down expant 2 time “more apps” + “choose app from PC”
    find opera launcher.exe
    R-click a html file again now opera showup in the list. open whith > choose another app. marks: always use this app to opem html files
    it works for me.

  • Brandon Chaitram

    Bellow web browser it only has Microsoft edge there no opera and yes, I have opera installed.

  • I’m thinking of emulating some of those women soldiers and pulling my hair out. Although there is a pop-up that says do you want to make Opera your default browser it repeats over and over again without a way to stop it. I’ve started trimming my hair and am starting to see bald spots so if you have help, please help me ASAP before I go totally bald. Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS from a nice Jewish lady who hates PC!

    • Ricky Marshall

      Microsoft believes so much that their Edge browser is not an embarrassing demonstration of retardation, they feel justified in applying their strategy of ‘uncooperative interface control’ to change it from the default. If you do manage to change it there, it will change back. Though, as a saving grace for Microsoft, they do usually provide a means of accomplishing that which they make difficult to accomplish. For this one, it seems to be “ComputerDefaults.exe” in the System32 folder which I had seen several times in the past and assumed it to be the old Default Programs from the control panel, but when I actually tried it, I was presented with an interface I had never seen before. You are given 3 options to set all of the main defaults to all Microsoft programs, all non-Microsoft programs, or a custom mix of programs. The second option seems to work best for reasons I guess Microsoft wishes to be obvious.

  • Barry Heath

    So I’m having a slightly different problem, Opera is set as my default browser; my Firewall – not the Microsoft effort, but Zone Alarm – is set to allow Opera access with ‘Super’ trust status for incoming and outgoing data, yet Opera cannot connect to the network.Chrome (installed so I can post this) Edge (hawk, spit) and IE (even more yukk) can all connect without trouble but Opera? Nothing. ANY page I try to access fails with a timeout message
    So, What am I doing wrong?

    System is a Toshiba Satellite L300-20W laptop running Windows 10 64-bit, installed yesterday. System was upgraded from the original Vista through Win7 (legal – I actually paid for it!). AntiVirus is System Mechanic Professional 15, fully updated, and firewall is Zone Alarm as stated.
    Oh – and it’s only THIS machine that has the problem – my other Satellite works OK, my Desktop works OK, (all with the same configuration, Vista to 7 to 10) but this one refuses to play.

    Any ideas?

    • Ricky Marshall

      Try copying the entry for Edge in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security(Found in Control Panel>Administrative Tools, or Control Panel>Windows Firewall>Link to Advanced Settings in left column, or run “WF.msc”). Then in the copied rule, change the target program to opera. Do this for both incoming and outgoing rules.

  • Ing Brayan A Gil Martínez

    Please an update that solution to the problem that when I’m on Facebook or e any web. I do not want to load or link precione done I selected. also how to move to the last option. The left click to give back. It is better to put it last. Because without wanting me still my page. In encluso writin something important.

  • Britomart49

    I have no app available in my default browser settings, and it wont let me add any either, even tho I am running opera and chrome. What do i need to do to fix it? thank you

  • bcvbcvbdfghf

  • Aad Kemp

    I dont know how to set PhotoScape as my default photo program on my PC.

  • Connie Berry

    I am using Windows 7 on this computer. The latest version of Opera and in order to run some live video streaming pages I have to UNBLOCK the Block Ads feature. Now even when I do this, the control icons for the video are missing , the Pause Play icon, the red progress bar, the Sound / Audio control Icon and the Wide Screen icon.

  • Ricky Marshall

    Using the tools available via Window’s various menus to change your default programs seems to be intentionally ineffective. Most often, your program of choice (Opera, in this case) is not even available to be chosen, while other times it will be offered as a choice but simply refuse to actually change when clicked. And even when it actually changes, you come to find it has changed itself back in a day or two(or less). At the moment, I am instead using “ComputerDefaults.exe” to set Opera as my default browser, which can be accessed via the Run dialog.

    If this still proves to be fruitless, there is a sloppier method of accomplishing this that Windows doesn’t (currently) expect, and thus, will remain in effect:
    Open up the Edge browser and Internet Explorer. Use your method of choice to locate the program’s executable (right-click the program in Task Manager and ‘Open file location’). Once you have the browsers’ folders open, shut down both browsers.

    Again, using your method of choice, grant yourself write permission to both folders. I won’t go over granting the permission as it can easily be learned via Google, but Google can make it difficult to find the specific bits regarding TrustedInstaller, which will need to be removed from the permissions list before you can grant those permissions.

    Once you have write-access, rename MicrosoftEdge.exe to anything else(just in case you need to restore it later.) and do the same for iexplore.exe.
    Open an Administrative command prompt in the folder, and type the following(change if neccesary):
    mklink “C:Program Files (x86)Opera betalauncher.exe” .MicrosoftEdge.exe

    Repeat the process for iexplore.exe. – Now anything that will have launched Edge or Internet Explorer will now instead launch Opera. The only thing I’ve noticed this breaking so far is the Edge-specific protocols, which are pretty much only used by other undesirable Windows 10 features, none of which are necessary to the operating system.

    When you are done you should restore the folder permissions you previously changed. You could leave yourself with write access, though that would be a security risk – but to avoid operating system error you should restore TrustedInstaller’s full access and ownership. TrustedInstaller can be added back into the permissions dialog by entering “NT SERVICETrustedInstaller” – mind the space.

    • Jena Ruhl

      Thank you so much for this. I was having the issue where I would select Opera as my default browser but the nothing was actually changing. Your first suggestion (using “ComputerDefaults.exe”) worked for me!

  • abc8808

    What’s the use of having questions posted here without any one answered?
    I can’t make Opera my default browser and no help could be found here since some questions have risen but no answers given!